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Sixers have been crowing for a while

In: NBL — Thursday, 8 Mar, 2018

THE Crows and the 36ers sharing the affections of South Australian sports fans? Yes, it does make sense on certain commercial levels.


Mar 8

Comm Gold awaits Opals, Boomers

In: Boomers & Opals — Wednesday, 7 Mar, 2018

BASKETBALL Australia today announced its national teams for the sport's return to the Commonwealth Games, veterans Bard Newley and Belinda Snell selected to defend Golds won in 2006.

Mar 7

United wraps it up in overtime

In: NBL — Monday, 5 Mar, 2018

NBL regular season champion Melbourne United today confirmed its place in the 2017-18 Grand Final Series when it delivered an 88-86 knock-out blow to New Zealand in overtime, sweeping their series.

Mar 5

Psst. Have you heard the news?

In: NBL, WNBL — Monday, 5 Mar, 2018

THE AFL's Hawthorn Footy Club is reputedly circling the NBL and looking to snatch the Illawarra franchise out of Wollongong and re-locate it to Melbourne.

Perth Arena is an 'NBA' place to play

In: NBL — Sunday, 4 Mar, 2018

ADELAIDE 36ers coach Joey Wright and his Boomers guard Nathan Sobey agree - Perth Arena, a.k.a. "The Jungle" - is THE place to play NBL basketball in Australia.

Mar 4

What the FOX is going on?

In: NBL — Sunday, 4 Mar, 2018

IT'S clear the NBL needs to get more on the front foot when it comes to advertising where to see its semis "live on FOX" after a raft of complaints from people who missed the Melbourne-NZ game by tuning in to the regular 503 broadcast station.

36ers leave Perth seeing red

In: NBL — Sunday, 4 Mar, 2018

IF any team is going to KO the two-time defending champion Perth Wildcats from achieving an NBL threepeat, who better than their arch rival Adelaide 36ers?

United, 36ers take care of home court

In: NBL — Saturday, 3 Mar, 2018

NBL regular season champion Melbourne heads to Auckland with a 1-0 semi final lead over New Zealand while Adelaide crosses the Great Australian Bight after taking a massive bite out of Perth's threepeat dream.

Mar 3

When Game 1 is all it's about

In: NBL — Friday, 2 Mar, 2018

RARELY has winning Game 1 of an NBL playoff series been more important than tomorrow night's openers in both the Melbourne-New Zealand (1v4) and Adelaide-Perth (2v3) semi finals.

Mar 2

Is it really a fourth NBL import?

In: NBL — Friday, 2 Mar, 2018

DON’T let your knickers bunch up too quickly at the NBL’s latest breaking new innovation of expanding club rosters to 12, adding a “one-and-done” NBA prospect – a la Terrance Ferguson – to each team.

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