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Games Behind, NBL14, WNBL13

USING the North American sports table system reveals New Zealand is now five games out of first place in the NBL and starting to push manure up a steep hill.

The Breakers have some work ahead but new imports Kevin Dillard and Paul Carter are going to keep them in the race.

Here's the NBL table, ignoring the meaningless points percentage the league is using, to give you a better reflection of where your team sits in the run home.

AS we head into the NBL's Round 15, this is how your NBL club is going in terms of every respective four-game season-series.

ADELAIDE: V Brisbane 2-1, +3 lead. Series still very much in balance. V Cairns 2-0, +29. Two to go and points difference is strong. V Illawarra 1-2, -13 points. Suddenly this series is alive again. V Melbourne 1-2 behind, -34. Beating United by 35 this week? Still unlikely. V NZ 2-1, +2. Turned this one around with by road win on Sunday. V Perth 2-1, +7. Still up for grabs. V Sydney 3-0, +15. Series won, regardless of last game.

BRISBANE: V Adelaide 1-2, -3. Only need a four-point win to pinch this. V Cairns 2-1, +20. Probably have this sealed given the points difference. V Illawarra 0-2, -16. The two games to go are both in Wollongong. Series can be won but it'll take plenty. V Melbourne 1-2, -36. That 38-point loss has cost them this one. V NZ 1-2, -17. Got to win last one by 18. Tough call. V Perth 2-1, +18. Despite home loss, still in good shape to win this one, defending an 18-point buffer. V Sydney 2-1, +8. Very much wide open.

CAIRNS: V Adelaide 0-2, -29. Will take a lot to salvage this. V Brisbane 1-2, -20. Points difference is a worry. V Illawarra 2-0, +32. In a strong position with lead and spread. V Melbourne 1-2, +2. Just need a win to steal this. V NZ 3-0, +20. This one is won. V Perth 0-1, -10. Fair way to go yet in this series. V Sydney 1-3, -17. Done and dusted. And lost.

ILLAWARRA: V Adelaide 2-1, +13. Points difference still favours Hawks. V Brisbane 2-0, +16. In box seat to clinch this one too. V Cairns 0-2, -32. This will take some salvaging. V Melbourne 2-1, +15. Took a big win to be in the box seat. V NZ 2-1, +20. This one looks virtrually won. V Perth 2-2, -6. Have lost this one. V Sydney 1-3, -15. Have also lost this series.

MELBOURNE: V Adelaide 2-1, +34. Have this won with a huge points spread. V Brisbane 2-1, +36. This is in the bag too. V Cairns 2-1, -2. A win clinches it. V Illawarra 1-2, -15. Road blow-out has made salvaging this much tougher. V NZ 1-2, +13. Only need to win fourth one. V Perth 0-2, -6. Series can still be saved. V Sydney 2-1, -6. Will be defending a six-point buffer in last meeting.

NEW ZEALAND: V Adelaide 1-2, -2. Blew their big advantage in this but a 3-point win in Adelaide to save it isn't out of the question. V Brisbane 2-1, +17. Defending a solid points differential. V Cairns 0-3, -20. Beaten last round, this series is over. V Illawarra 1-2, -20. Need a 21-point win to steal this. Hard to envision. V Melbourne 2-1, -13. A win clinches it. V Perth 2-1, +11. Have a reasonable margin to defend but this will be tight. V Sydney 0-2, -19. Will take some work to get out of this with a series win.

PERTH: V Adelaide 1-2, -7. An 8-point win steals this. V Brisbane 1-2, -18. Going to need a 19-point win at home to get this one. V Cairns 1-0, +10. Long way to go yet in this one. V Illawarra 2-2, +6. Won this series in Wollongong last round. V Melbourne 2-0, +6. Lots left in this series yet. V NZ 1-2, -11. Need a 12-point win. V Sydney 2-1, +8. Kings will need a 9-point win in Perth to steal this.

SYDNEY: V Adelaide 0-3, -15. Series lost, regardless of last game. V Brisbane 1-2, -8. Need a 9-point win. V Cairns 3-1, +17. Series done and won. V Illawarra 3-1, +15. Series won. V Melbourne 1-2, +6. Life left in Game 4 of this, for sure. V NZ 2-0, +19. Close to won. V Perth 1-2, -8. Winning by nine in Perth will be a big challenge. 

THE WNBL was shaken up on the weekend when Adelaide upset Melbourne (above) and then Dandenong too, the latter an important one with the Final Four still up for shaping. 

That made the table look like this:

WITH all due respect to Melbourne Boomers and Adelaide Lightning, both are well out of any WNBL finals drive.

So here are the head-to-head season-series between the clubs still genuinely alive in the race for the Final Four.

Bear in mind though the WNBL draw has inequities, with some series going only three games and others four.

BENDIGO: V Canberra 2-0, +22. Two road games to come but in the boxseat. V Dandenong 2-1, +16. This was a best-of-3 so it is won. V Perth 1-1, -28. One left in this best-of-3, making the margin largely unimportant (Unless there's a three-way tie). V Sydney 1-2, +3. There's a fourth game to come, in Bendigo so this is wide open. V Townsville 1-1, +10. Still got the Fire twice, home and away, so this is there to be taken.

CANBERRA: V Bendigo 0-2, -22. This series is scheduled for four games, the last two in Canberra so the Caps remain alive. V Dandenong 1-2, -8. This series is best-of-3 and lost. V Perth 1-1,-1. The decider in this is in Perth. V Sydney 2-1, +1. This is a 4-gamer with the last one in Canberra. Up for grabs. V Townsville 1-1, -29. Still two games in this series so Caps stay in it.

DANDENONG: V Bendigo 1-2, -16. This was best-of-3 so it's lost. V Canberra 2-1 +8. Also best-of-3 and won. V Perth 2-0, +41. This is a 4-gamer with a home and away fixture to come but the margin is very solid. V Sydney 1-1, -7. Best-of-3 with the decider away. V Townsville 1-0, +27. Best-of-3 with a lot of life left in this series yet.

PERTH: V Bendigo 1-1, +28. Best-of-3 with decider in Bendigo. V Canberra 1-1, +1. Best-of-3 with last one in Canberra. V Dandenong 0-2, -41. Four games in this so Perth can still tie it, but that margin, whoa. V Sydney 1-1, -21. Last game is in Sydney too. V Townsville 2-1, -11. This was best-of-3 so it's won, the points deficit only relevant in a three-or-more-way tie.

SYDNEY: V Bendigo 2-1, -3. A 4-gamer with the last one in Bendigo so it's winnable. V Canberra 1-2, -1. There's one to go in this traditional rivalry. V Dandenong 1-1, +7. This is only out of 3 so the decider is key. V Perth 1-1, +21. Best-of-3 with the last one in Sydney. V Townsville 2-1, +5. This goes 4 with the last one in Townsville. Well and truly alive.

TOWNSVILLE: V Bendigo 1-1, -10. Two to come so this is still open. V Canberra 1-1, +29. This goes 4 games and would take some losing from here. V Dandenong 0-1, -27. Away and home to go in this 3-gamer. V Perth 1-2, +11. The margin doesn't matter much as this was a 3-game series and has been lost. V Sydney 1-2, -5. This goes four games, the last one in Townsville. Still alive.

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