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What's that buzz? Tell me what's a happening

WHAT just happened in the week that was? Well here is your one-stop wrap of this week's going's on at Basketball On The Internet while I have been otherwise engaged and distracted. Hey! Real basketball folk know the June long weekend is junior carnivals time and sometimes it can take a moment to regather your wits!

My team of 16s girls even had a game called due to water on the court but Melbourne United head coach and three-time NBL championship-winner Dean Vickerman graciously addressed them with a pep talk which gave us all a lift.

Meanwhile, Bob Craven has been keeping readers uptodate at the website and I've dropped in a couple of yarns myself so here's a run through of what you can find!


Career coach Joey Wright has bought the perfect venue for basketballers and now is offering 24 hours access for South Aussie residents to get their game on. Read about it here.


The Golden State Warriors have won the NBA championship and superstar WNBA PG Sue Bird is retiring. Hit this link for that one.



Andrew Gaze has offically been declared a legend of Australian basketball. Catch up on our view here.



The future still look anything but rosey for Brittney Griner, stuck in a Russian prison and now quite obviously a political prisoner. For the latest, hit this.




They are loving Aussie Opals Olympian Ezi Magbegor in Seattle and the WNBA, and why not? She is blossoming into a superstar in front of their eyes.



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