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B&B: Brad and I take a Joey Time-Out

FORMER Adelaide 36ers, Brisbane Bullets and Gold Coast Blaze coach Joey Wright and I have a weekly "Time Out" podcast on Piranha Media but with Joey away, we invited Brad&Boti colleague Brad Rosen to join me for a visual treat. We also doubled it up as this week's Brad&Boti pod so this one is slightly different!

We talk about the current state of the NBL and those two dramatic finishes to the Brisbane-Adelaide and Sydney-Brisbane NBL contests.

Yes, we have seen a worse crosscourt pass than Mitch McCarron's drifter to Daniel Johnson which Lamar Patterson intercepted and dunked.

But rarely have we seen a team go to sleep in the way the Bullets did after Jaylen Adams dunked and was fouled with 3.2 seconds left to tie the game.

That was magnificent, but despite missing the free throw, how the Kings retrieved the ball and Adams got it to Jarell Martin for the winning shot was mind-blowing. Clearly, Brisbane expected this was going to overtime and simply shut down. Big mistake. Huge.

Now seriously, Southside Flyers, the defending WNBL champions, FORFEITED a game this week.

Forfeited! At the highest level of the sport, the Flyers forfeited. What is going on?

Who are the members of the NBL's "Fraud Squad"? Have the Kings moved out? Are the Hawks moving in?

Should Brad be assisting Brian Goorjian at Illawarra?

To the US scene and how good is Josh Giddey? Who wins the Brooklyn Nets-Philadelphia 76ers trade of Ben Simmons for James Harden? Is it ... the Boomers?

We've got all this and more at this link or you can go to Spotify or Apple Podcasts. You will have the audio of our Time-Out session. This is how it looked, below.

If you want to SEE this podcast, then track down Piranha Media online or via Facebook. We really did have a great time.

Feb 18

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