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We should be merrier about Moore

In: WNBL, Boomers & Opals — Friday, 31 Oct, 2014

HAD the pleasure yesterday of having lunch with new Basketball Australia CEO Anthony Moore, one of the stars of last week's Pete's Bar Lunch and a breath of hope for us long-suffering fans of the world's greatest game. 

Oct 31

Week #4 Rankings: Penny is money

In: NBL, WNBL — Thursday, 30 Oct, 2014

PENNY Taylor back, Josh Childress out, Dave Gruber shown the door and Rhys Martin passing him on his way in ... it's been quite a week.


Oct 30

F-wits make it hard to keep chillin'

In: NBL, Misc — Wednesday, 29 Oct, 2014

THE hardest part yesterday about the hearing and verdict for Josh Childress was seeing – again – what a gaggle of filthy, mindless, gutless tools social media can throw up at the drop of a hat.

Oct 29

NBL true-to-form at Tribunal

In: NBL — Wednesday, 29 Oct, 2014

NOT going to get into the rights or wrongs about the NBL Tribunal’s one-game suspension of Josh Childress for his hit on Jesse Wagstaff in last week’s Perth-Sydney fixture.

Anton still giving 'em Kurray

In: SA — Tuesday, 28 Oct, 2014

IT IS Melbourne Cup Day next Tuesday but Mount Gambier basketballer Anton Kurray will be celebrating the day the nation stands still with his 1,000th game of senior basketball.

Oct 28

United front? Not very likely

In: NBL — Tuesday, 28 Oct, 2014

THE success of the Melbourne United NBL franchise is essential for the health, wellbeing and growth of the game in Victoria.

Wrap-Up #3: Crime and punishment

In: NBL, WNBL — Monday, 27 Oct, 2014

THE punishment should fit the crime and on Friday in Perth, Kings guard Ben Madgen suffered the equivalent of an execution for jay-walking, even if he did it twice.

Oct 27

And then there were six

In: NBL, NBA — Sunday, 26 Oct, 2014

IT'S a crying shame Boomers starter and Euroleague champion Joe Ingles and fellow World Cup participant Brock Motum didn't survive the NBA cut today.

Oct 26

Childress 'went Bill Laimbeer'

In: NBL — Saturday, 25 Oct, 2014

YOU know it's bad when an incident from an NBL game is being shown on global television.

Oct 25

Thursday an island with no oasis

In: NBL, WNBL — Friday, 24 Oct, 2014

NO-ONE knows what on Earth possessed the NBL to schedule a 36ers game in Adelaide last night because no-one at the club requested or wanted it.

Oct 24

Week #3 Rankings: Taipans under the spotlight

In: NBL, WNBL — Thursday, 23 Oct, 2014

AFTER Cairns negotiates New Zealand today, will there still be only one unbeaten NBL team at the end of just Round 3?

Oct 23

Brayden Heslehurst: WNBL needs a presence too

In: NBL, WNBL — Wednesday, 22 Oct, 2014

BRISBANE-based B.O.T.I. correspondent BRAYDEN HESLEHURST says his city needs a women's national presence just as much as a Bullets team.

Oct 22

Bruton and Joyce at it one more time

In: NBL, Boomers & Opals, Misc — Tuesday, 21 Oct, 2014

CAL Bruton and Brendan Joyce on the same court was trouble. On the same bill as lunch speakers? Hold onto your party hats!

Oct 21

Wrap-Up #2: Milestones no millstones

In: NBL, WNBL — Monday, 20 Oct, 2014

CJ BRUTON having his #23 retired by the NZ Breakers was an appropriate reward for a great career and a great start to Round 2 of the NBL season.

Oct 20

Fire sale may have made Crocs a hotter ticket

In: NBL, WNBL — Sunday, 19 Oct, 2014

IT was hard not to notice the Fire drew 1,900-plus to their first WNBL home game after the Crocs drew 1,400-and-change to theirs, yet both played at the Townsville RSL Stadium.

Oct 19

Time to Fire up, at long last

In: WNBL — Friday, 17 Oct, 2014

IT is time. When all the clash and clamour has died away, expect to see Townsville and Bendigo again still standing, but this time it will be Rachael McCully raising the WNBL Championship Trophy.

Oct 17

Week #2 Rankings: D-Mac will be backed

In: NBL — Thursday, 16 Oct, 2014

DARRYL McDonald has the United coaching job and it is his to lose, every game he takes as "interim" part of his audition for the gig fulltime.

Oct 16

Brayden Heslehurst: Shake a leg NBL

In: NBL — Wednesday, 15 Oct, 2014

BRISBANE-based journo and hoops junkie BRAYDEN HESLEHURST joins B.O.T.I. and says the NBL is overdue showing its cards on the Brisbane bid in 2015-16.

Oct 15

United they stand

In: NBL — Tuesday, 14 Oct, 2014

MUST confess the conspiracy theorists have been out in force since Chris Anstey gave Melbourne United his resignation yesterday.

Oct 14

Anstey falls on his sword

In: NBL — Monday, 13 Oct, 2014

IT should be no great surprise Chris Anstey resigned today as coach of Melbourne United.

Oct 13

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