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In: NBL — Saturday, 22 Nov, 2014

BELIEVE it or not, we already are at and around one-third of the way through the 28-game regular season, as good a time as any for a review of how NBL teams are tracking.

Nov 22

Putting The Sting back into SE Qld basketball

In: NBL, WNBL — Friday, 21 Nov, 2014

IF Basketball Australia could break from its traditional indolence, south-east Queensland could have two national level elite clubs in action in 2015-16, that’s how far advanced South East Queensland Sting is for a WNBL spot.

Nov 21

Week #7 Rankings: Grand final fever

In: NBL, WNBL — Thursday, 20 Nov, 2014

THERE are some monster games looming in the NBL and WNBL this round - 2014 Grand Finalists of both competitions among competitors squaring off.

Nov 20

Wrap-Up #6: Sounds of silence

In: NBL, WNBL — Tuesday, 18 Nov, 2014

IT was a busy day yesterday with NBL CEO Fraser Neill pulling the pin but the grenade quietly rolling into a drain.


Nov 18

Fraser says cheers

In: NBL — Monday, 17 Nov, 2014

THE news today came as a complete shock to many, a bombshell for an NBL still working to shake the shackles of mainstream preconceptions it remains a basket case.

Nov 17

The night the lights went out in Adelaide

In: NBL — Sunday, 16 Nov, 2014

IT was in 1974 I first started being paid for analysing basketball games, something I’d already been doing for community papers since 1971.

Nov 16

United courts a great new home

In: NBL — Friday, 14 Nov, 2014

ADD Margaret Court to the list of quality basketball venues, even if it was built for tennis.

Nov 14

Week #6 Rankings: United is standing tall

In: NBL, WNBL — Thursday, 13 Nov, 2014

MELBOURNE last night made a statement against NBL-leading Cairns, taming the Taipans 91-76 at Margaret Court.

Nov 13

Wortho, Nate back to skin Taipans

In: NBL — Wednesday, 12 Nov, 2014

UNITED co-captains Mark Worthington and new father Nate Tomlinson will be back in uniform for tonight's NBL clash with Cairns at Margaret Court Arena.

Nov 12

Hawks must clip a few wings to fly

In: NBL — Tuesday, 11 Nov, 2014

WOLLONGONG needs to bite the bullet and cut its 2011 NBL MVP Gary Ervin, replacing him with a scoring import small forward.

Nov 11

Wrap-Up #5: Promoter's dream. But where are they?

In: NBL, WNBL — Monday, 10 Nov, 2014

IT is a promoter's dream and a tipster's nightmare - such is the unpredictability of the NBL and WNBL so far this season.

Nov 10

Why Gordie is golden

In: NBL — Saturday, 8 Nov, 2014

NO shirking, no avoidance, no nonsense. When it comes to staring the truth in the face - however unpalatable it may be - Gordie McLeod is a lesson for us all.

Nov 8

Penny caps Rangers revival

In: WNBL — Friday, 7 Nov, 2014

PENNY Taylor’s WNBL return tomorrow and alongside fellow WNBA championship-winning teammate Cappie Pondexter is huge for basketball in Australia.

Nov 7

Week #5 Rankings: Another Brock in the wall

In: NBL, WNBL — Thursday, 6 Nov, 2014

BROCK Motum making his debut, Penny Taylor making her return, Josh Childress back and Abby Bishop being disrespected (again) ... it's all happening this week in the NBL/WNBL.

Nov 6

Neill in Brisbane as deadlines approach

In: NBL — Wednesday, 5 Nov, 2014

NBL chief executive Fraser Neill is in Brisbane as you read this - unless you're reading it in a week's time - to help shore up plans for a locally-based club for the 2015-16 season.

Nov 5

Something that stops a nation

In: Misc — Tuesday, 4 Nov, 2014

YES, I know I load this up every year on this day but it is my contribution to "the race that stops a nation".

Nov 4

Wrap-Up #4: DQ done, Motum won

In: NBL, WNBL — Monday, 3 Nov, 2014

THE 36ers released import Daequon Montreal today, creating Player Points System room to bring Brock Motum into their NBL line-up.

Nov 3

Motum expected for NBL debut against Kings

In: NBL — Sunday, 2 Nov, 2014

IT was a tough ask of the 36ers today to keep a lid on Brock Motum speculation when he wandered into Adelaide Arena to watch the NBL game against New Zealand.

Nov 2

We should be merrier about Moore

In: WNBL, Boomers & Opals — Friday, 31 Oct, 2014

HAD the pleasure yesterday of having lunch with new Basketball Australia CEO Anthony Moore, one of the stars of last week's Pete's Bar Lunch and a breath of hope for us long-suffering fans of the world's greatest game. 

Oct 31

Week #4 Rankings: Penny is money

In: NBL, WNBL — Thursday, 30 Oct, 2014

PENNY Taylor back, Josh Childress out, Dave Gruber shown the door and Rhys Martin passing him on his way in ... it's been quite a week.


Oct 30

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