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Around the traps

In: NBL, Misc — Thursday, 24 Apr, 2014

IF you need evidence the Player Points System is flawed then look only as far as Tom Jervis.

Apr 24

The more things change ...

In: NBL — Wednesday, 23 Apr, 2014

THERE’s nothing like settling down for a catch-up morning cup of coffee with an old friend and having it interrupted by a somewhat irate text message.

Apr 23

Grecians earn another shot

In: NBA, Misc — Tuesday, 22 Apr, 2014

GREECE's two Euroleague clubs, winners of the past three championships, staved off elimination today, winning closely contested home games.

Apr 22

A good Friday to reflect and look ahead

In: NBL — Friday, 18 Apr, 2014

WE certainly are heading in some interesting directions ahead of the 2014-15 NBL season.

Apr 18

A book-end of Heat feats

In: NBA — Thursday, 17 Apr, 2014

IRONICALLY, the season closed the way it started, with Brett Brown’s Philadelphia 76ers beating the reigning dual-NBA champion Miami Heat.

Apr 17

One size fits all? That's T-shirts, not life

In: Boomers & Opals — Wednesday, 16 Apr, 2014

ONE of the most rewarding challenges anyone can take on in life is the responsibility for a baby.

Apr 16

Thunder and Lightning, BA very frightening

In: NBL, WNBL — Tuesday, 15 Apr, 2014

IT’S probably just a coincidence Basketball Australia chair Scott Derwin was right in the thick of it when Gold Coast Blaze was ejected from the NBL under the national federation’s watch.

Apr 15

New ideas and recycled ones too

In: NBL — Monday, 14 Apr, 2014

THE dust is settling on what has been a landmark season for the NBL, sell-out crowds for the Grand Finals closing it on a high note.

Apr 14

Perth's success one for the ages

In: NBL — Sunday, 13 Apr, 2014

THEY were the best team all year and the best club all year so no-one should be surprised they also were the best on the one day it mattered the most.

Apr 13

The disease became a plague

In: NBL — Sunday, 13 Apr, 2014

IT was the talk of social media and reinforced all day that the one thing the new NBL failed to clean up - though it promised it would - was the notorious practice of "flopping".

Home court the common denominator

In: NBL — Saturday, 12 Apr, 2014

COME on now. It doesn't matter which team you support, this "debate" about the officiating on the eve of Game 3 of the NBL Grand Final is fairly tiresome.

Apr 12

Well, I didn't see that coming!

In: NBL, Misc — Friday, 11 Apr, 2014

FIRST up, let me say thank you to the many people who have inquired and queried what has happened to B.O.T.I. for the past week or so.

Apr 11

Can't stop The Rot, even seeing Red

In: NBL — Wednesday, 2 Apr, 2014

LOOKS like the NBL and B.O.T.I. were of like mind with out awards, the league tonight revealing Wollongong Hawks import Rotnei Clarke as its 2013-14 MVP.

Apr 2


In: NBL — Monday, 31 Mar, 2014

I HAVE a policy to never try to defend the indefensible and a knee to the groin – heavy contact or not – is indefensible in my book.

Mar 31

Great game, but don't blame fans for missing

In: NBL — Friday, 28 Mar, 2014

THE basketball talk in Adelaide today has focused on two things – the 36ers’ excellent Game 1 semi final win over Melbourne and why only 3,865 of the Sixers’ faithful made it to The Fortress.

Mar 28

Bradtke's #50 joins him in retirement

In: NBL — Friday, 28 Mar, 2014

MELBOURNE’s decision to retire Mark Bradtke’s #50 uniform is a quality effort by the Tigers, even if a little overdue.

Rankings #25 ... done at last

In: NBL — Thursday, 27 Mar, 2014

QUITE the surprise how excited media outlets were this week with shock, horror revelations the NBL wants a second Melbourne team in the city's south-east.

Mar 27

36ers-Tigers aim to end 'curse'

In: NBL, Boomers & Opals, NBA — Wednesday, 26 Mar, 2014

IF the winner of the Adelaide 36ers-Melbourne Tigers NBL semi final series goes on to claim the Championship this season, they will break their own playoff curse.

Mar 26

Umps, not coaches under the playoff pump

In: NBL — Tuesday, 25 Mar, 2014

THE most scrutiny will not be on Joey Wright or Chris Anstey on Thursday, or Trevor Gleeson and Gordie McLeod on Friday, but instead on both officiating crews for the NBL semi finals.

Mar 25


In: NBL — Monday, 24 Mar, 2014

OK. Hands up anybody who expects a Melbourne-Wollongong NBL Grand Final series?

Mar 24

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