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Life of Brian should be revisited

In: NBL — Tuesday, 23 Sep, 2014

HALL of Fame legend and the man who once pumped the blood into Brisbane's NBL heartbeat, Brian Kerle, was "in the house" for the Blitz at Auchenflower Stadium.

Sep 23

'Elder statesman' sits well with Wortho

In: NBL — Tuesday, 23 Sep, 2014

MARK Worthington is as passionate about the future of the game as he is about playing it so he was the right man to be the NBL players' liaison with Team 9 - our national elite referees.

Blitz Deja Vu: The Bullets are firing

In: NBL — Monday, 22 Sep, 2014

WHAT a fantastic finish it was yesterday to the Preseason Blitz, first with Townsville claiming the Loggins-Bruton Cup, then with confirmation Brisbane will have an NBL team in 2015-16. 

Sep 22

Blitz Day 3: Cup bound for Queensland

In: NBL — Sunday, 21 Sep, 2014

THE Loggins-Bruton Cup is heading for Queensland after Townsville yesterday swept to the head of the NBL Blitz table, with only Cairns capable of knocking it off today.

Sep 21

In case you blitzed it...

In: NBL — Sunday, 21 Sep, 2014

GET out to Townsville Airport at 9:45 tonight Crocophiles to welcome home your first-time NBL champions, Shawn Dennis and his Crocodiles.

Blitz Day 2: Hard act to follow

In: NBL — Saturday, 20 Sep, 2014

HOW unbelievably good was that? Big Joe Tertzakian and his enthusiastic off-court team made Day 1 of the NBL Blitz memorable on so many levels.

Sep 20

Blitz Day 1: Let's get it started!

In: NBL — Friday, 19 Sep, 2014

IT'S Day One of the 2014 Preseason Blitz for the Loggins-Bruton Cup today at Brisbane's Auchenflower Stadium and I, for one, can't wait for the action to be back on court.

Sep 19

Tanks for the memories FIBA

In: Boomers & Opals — Friday, 19 Sep, 2014

IF you have been wondering where the FIBA investigation into Australia's alleged tanking against Angola at the World Cup currently sits, well so has the rest of the world.

'Cat among the pigeons

In: NBL — Thursday, 18 Sep, 2014

NO MATTER how you look at the facts of this - and that's FACTS, not emotions - Earnest Ross and Tai Welsey should be ineligible to play in the NBL this season as unrestricted players.

Sep 18

WW- 36ers V Falcons, February 20, 1988

In: Flashbacks — Wednesday, 17 Sep, 2014

WAYBACK Wednesday was a weekly feature I wrote last season for Adelaide 36ers website, which now you can revisit, see for the first time or completely ignore!

Sep 17

Look again. NBL has no Oceania rule

In: NBL — Tuesday, 16 Sep, 2014

THE way I read the NBL By-Laws, if any of the six clubs not suiting someone from Guam legally wants to challenge player eligibility, NZ Breakers and Perth Wildcats are dead in the Pacific Ocean.

Sep 16

SEABL sets high bar for NBL

In: NBL — Monday, 15 Sep, 2014

THE NBL Blitz is just about upon us and as the league looks to launch its season, it would do well to check out how well the SEABL concluded its own.

Sep 15

Australia needs to know what Sandy has achieved

In: Boomers & Opals, NBA — Saturday, 13 Sep, 2014

LET’S be truly clear on what Sandy Brondello achieved today.

Sep 13

Our first five reflects so well on the game in Oz

In: Boomers & Opals, NBA — Saturday, 13 Sep, 2014

THEY did it! Penny Taylor and Erin Phillips today joined Patty Mills, Aron Baynes and Joe Ingles as players to win Championships at the highest club levels in the world this year. 

Don't get jumpy, rule changes are in

In: NBL — Friday, 12 Sep, 2014

IF you already have seen your NBL team in pre-season action, you may have noticed a few rule changes which the league has adopted and will institute next week at the Blitz in Brisbane.

Sep 12

Four-state finals to conclude SEABL

In: SA, Misc — Friday, 12 Sep, 2014

IT'S the SEABL's big weekend coming up, with Mount Gambier and Nunawading battling out the men's final on Sunday after Hobart and Brisbane determine the women's champion.

KEN COLE: Time to tell players what is required

In: Boomers & Opals — Friday, 12 Sep, 2014

HALL of Famer KEN COLE writes for Basketball On The Internet with a further message for the Boomers: I'VE thought about this a lot prior to the World Cup and it's clarified my thinking.


BA should get on the front foot - but won't

In: Boomers & Opals — Thursday, 11 Sep, 2014

IT IS a crying shame Anthony Moore doesn't take his seat as Basketball Australia CEO until October 13 because right now our federation should be showing some onions and seeking legal advice on Goran Dragic's defamatory tweet.

Sep 11

WW - 36ers V Hawks, March 28, 2002

In: Flashbacks — Wednesday, 10 Sep, 2014

WAYBACK Wednesday was a weekly feature I wrote last season for Adelaide 36ers website, which now you can revisit, see for the first time or completely ignore!

Sep 10

New-look Opals have plenty of shine

In: Boomers & Opals — Wednesday, 10 Sep, 2014

EXPECT the Opals to again shake the FIBA World Championship for Women to its foundations, despite the absence of many of its long-revered faces.

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