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Sixers virtually seal second place

In: NBL — Sunday, 11 Feb, 2018

ADELAIDE today shut the door on a second-placed NBL finish with a rousing 111-87 road win over former nemesis Illawarra, but it hasn’t yet completely locked out Perth Wildcats.

Feb 11

When 83 is just not enough

In: NBL — Saturday, 10 Feb, 2018

HALFWAY through NBL Round 18 and last night, 83 was the unlucky number for first New Zealand, then Perth as they swapped places in the Final Four - twice in one night!

Feb 10

Yeah, I know I'm late - Movie Review

In: Misc — Saturday, 10 Feb, 2018

YES, I realise I’m late to the party but if you, like me, haven’t yet discovered what a lot of the free world has known since December, it’s time to hit the cinema before it’s too late and take in “The Greatest Showman.”

Aylen joins 600 club

In: NBL — Friday, 9 Feb, 2018

MICHAEL Aylen is the best referee in the NBL. Let’s be clear on that. He’s a no BS, straight shooter, which means when coaches and players see him walk out to do their game, they experience a level of comfort and relief not many other whistlers provide.

Feb 9

Fallout tour hits Oz

In: Misc — Friday, 9 Feb, 2018

NEW Japan Pro Wrestling’s “Fallout Down Under” tour hits Australia next week for four nights of the best wrestling outside the WWE, and some would argue even better than the “sport’s” No.1 promotion too.

Deep breath, here we go again: Tips/Rankings 18

In: NBL — Thursday, 8 Feb, 2018

CAN everyone take a deep breath and settle down now? Hmm. Or can they, with Melbourne-New Zealand twice on the schedule this round?

Feb 8

Teys penalty reduced, DKD appeal fails

In: NBL — Wednesday, 7 Feb, 2018

THE two-match suspensions for Adelaide 36ers captain Brendan Teys and Perth Wildcats 3-point specialist Dexter Kernich-Drew were reviewed today by the NBL Tribunal, with Teys' penalty reduced to one match.

Feb 7

Why not free up finals Boomers?

In: Boomers & Opals — Wednesday, 7 Feb, 2018

THE latest Boomers team to take on the Philippines and Chinese Taipei in Melbourne in just over three weeks looks great, but it may have made more sense to adjust it for the second international.

Goodbye Perrin. G'day Peachy

In: NBL — Tuesday, 6 Feb, 2018

BRISBANE's ballsy decision to part company with disengaged import Perrin Buford means more available minutes in the Bullets' remaining games - good news for all, especially Anthony Petrie. 

Feb 6

D-Day on NBL suspensions tomorrow

In: NBL — Tuesday, 6 Feb, 2018

ADELAIDE 36ers are fighting captain Brendan Teys’ two-match suspension and Perth is mounting a case for similarly-suspended Dexter Kernich Drew, while former Sixers skipper Mitch Creek is giving any chance of missing Sunday’s match with Illawarra the finger.

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