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Time to revisit "Games Behind"?

In: NBL — Saturday, 30 Jan, 2021

FANS, particularly those of the Illawarra Hawks who are 4-0, are railing for a more equitable NBL championship ladder, considering their outfit is in second place behind Melbourne's 2-0.

Jan 30

Brad Rosen can dunk! Podcast time

In: NBL — Wednesday, 27 Jan, 2021

WE'RE talking Hawks, Cairns, United, the deceptions of scorelines and so much more as we wrap the NBL's Round 2, looking forward at Round 3, Brad Rosen and I going hard at it.

Jan 27

Breakers on the backfoot: Rd.3

In: NBL — Wednesday, 27 Jan, 2021

SO early in the season yet this is a big round for the NBL's travelling show, the New Zealand Breakers, at 0-1 and facing Adelaide tonight, then the Wildcats in Perth.

NBL21 PotW Rd2: Plus bonus Preview

In: NBL — Tuesday, 26 Jan, 2021

CAM Oliver extending his highlight reel dunking prowess was a big feature of the round's great action but two more Taipans losses eliminated him from any Player of the Week considerations.

Jan 26

Round Rap (2): Here come the 'Cats, there go the Taipans

In: NBL — Monday, 25 Jan, 2021

THE Hawks are working hard to earn back their Illawarra name, the squeeze is on the Orange, and the Wildcats are off and running in hot pursuit of a historic NBL threepeat.

Jan 25

Taipans need a reality check: Rd.2

In: NBL — Wednesday, 20 Jan, 2021

IF you're a fan of the NBL's fun franchise the Cairns Taipans, then yes, right now you have reasons to be concerned.

Jan 20

NBL2021 PotW Rd.1: Play that funky music

In: NBL — Tuesday, 19 Jan, 2021

TYLER Harvey, Josh Giddey, Justin Simon, Yanni Wetzell, Dejan Vasiljevic, Jarell Martin, Yudai Baba, Vic Law, Jock Landale ... there was no shortage of new faces making a strong debut impression on our NBL Player of the Week voting panel.

Jan 19

Brad&Boti: Cairns is 'the hunted' now

In: NBL — Tuesday, 19 Jan, 2021

WHAT a thoroughly enjoyable opening round the NBL staged this week and I must confess, Brad Rosen and I could hardly wait to start debating its many ups and few downs.

Round Rap (1): No joshing, giddy about this kid

In: NBL — Monday, 18 Jan, 2021

JOSH Giddey's performance for Adelaide in its double-overtime victory over South East Melbourne and the return of Brian Goorjian, whose Hawks are off to a 2-0 start for the first time, is the talk of the NBL.

Jan 18

NBL: Positive tip-off tonight

In: NBL — Friday, 15 Jan, 2021

IT'S here. The NBL will tip-off tonight and Aussie basketball fans cannot wait, matches available for viewing on SBS Viceland, SBS On Demand and ESPN.

Jan 15

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