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Oct.13-20: That's an NBL/WNBL Wrap? Not quite

In: NBL, WNBL, NBA — Sunday, 20 Oct, 2019

BRYCE Cotton did it again today, breaking the hearts of United NBL supporters in Melbourne while in country Bendigo, Carley Ernst had a stunning game to lift Bendigo over Perth in a WNBL shock.

Oct 20

Taipans wield sling and down goes Goliath

In: NBL — Saturday, 19 Oct, 2019

IT annually is the David and Goliath battle when Cairns Taipans take on the NBL champion Wildcats in Perth, but last night again as the fable goes, it was David with the sling shot … and how!

Oct 19

Tips/Rankings: Here comes the Fire!

In: NBL, WNBL — Thursday, 17 Oct, 2019

TOWNSVILLE faces a challenging WNBL double and South East Melbourne unveils an interim NBL import in this week's round of national action, our Power Rankings also up for both leagues.

Oct 17

Bitz and Pieces - NBL, NBA, NBL1

In: NBL, NBA — Wednesday, 16 Oct, 2019

SOUTH East Melbourne expect to suit Tai Wesley's replacement import Jeffrey "Jaye" Crockett on Saturday against Illawarra at the Fire Pit while Mt Gambier has been accepted into the NBL1 competition.

Oct 16

NBL: PotW from there again!

In: NBL — Tuesday, 15 Oct, 2019

SOUTH East Melbourne aren't just the talk of the town, they're the talk of the NBL right now, having chalked up wins against two of last season's finalists in their opening two outings.

Oct 15

NBL: Phoenix are legit, Taipans take a hit

In: NBL — Monday, 14 Oct, 2019

SOUTH East Melbourne Phoenix are setting records every time they take the floor - so is it possible this NBL debutante could create more history and go all the way to the Final Four in their first season?

Oct 14

KB to the rescue

In: NBL, NBA — Monday, 14 Oct, 2019

ANYONE who has had the pleasure of knowing Kevin Brooks - NBA stalwart at Denver Nuggets, NBL dual-championship winner and Larry Sengstock Medallist at Adelaide 36ers, now assistant coach - will not be surprised by this story.

Oct.6-13 - that's an NBL/WNBL wrap, almost

In: NBL, WNBL — Sunday, 13 Oct, 2019

YES, we still have Illawarra hosting Cairns tomorrow night to wrap Round 2 of the NBL season in a week where a lot has happened in roundball, including a great WNBL tip-off as well.

Oct 13

NBL: Kings rule, OK

In: NBL — Saturday, 12 Oct, 2019

THE apologists around the 36ers will be quick to blame jetlag but let's be clear - Sydney Kings humiliated Adelaide 102-80, conscientious objectors offering more resistance than the Sixers today.

Oct 12

NBL: Who and Why, Rd2

In: NBL — Thursday, 10 Oct, 2019

ILLAWARRA Hawks coach Matt Flinn needs to have sorted out his playing rotation or risk another million or so international viewers seeing his NBL outfit humbled in Perth by the defending champion Wildcats.

Oct 10

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