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Sportsdeck Dream Team Week 11

In: NBL — Wednesday, 26 Dec, 2018

IT may be Boxing Day and we're lazing about in Christmas' aftermath, munching turkey sandwiches, but Crystal Ball is on the ball and giving you the best in NBL Dream Team updates.

Dec 26

Open and shut for 36ers

In: NBL — Wednesday, 26 Dec, 2018

EXCEPTIONAL games by Adelaide imports Ramone Moore, Jacob Wiley and Demitrius Conger have ended the 36ers long losing streak to United in Melbourne, the roof open at Hisense Arena, the Sixers winning 103-101 under the stars.

Long and Overdue: Players of the Week

In: NBL, WNBL — Monday, 24 Dec, 2018

DOMINANT ownerships of the keyways have played a huge role this week in determining our NBL and WNBL Players of the Week.

Dec 24

Prepare for the usual: NBL19 Rd10 Wrap

In: NBL — Sunday, 23 Dec, 2018

WAIT for it cause it won’t be long before you hear: Melbourne is Sydney’s “bogey” team (See what I did there?), Perth needs a third import, the FIBA unsportsmanlike foul interpretation is a joke.

Dec 23

The Good, The Bad and The 36ers

In: NBL — Saturday, 22 Dec, 2018

CAIRNS today gave Adelaide an almighty scare in their NBL matchup in Adelaide, but the 36ers scrambled away with the win in one of the season’s most ugly games.

Dec 22

Sydney v Melbourne, love it: NBL10, WNBL11

In: NBL, WNBL — Thursday, 20 Dec, 2018

WITH all due respect to the mighty Perth Wildcats, this NBL round's Sydney-Melbourne clash is one many have waited for, while in the WNBL, this could be make-or-break round for Dandenong and Townsville.

Dec 20

Sportsdeck Dream Team Week 10

In: NBL — Thursday, 20 Dec, 2018

NBL Dream Team fans need to take heed as CRYSTAL BALL tells us this week it is time to cut Perth import Terrico White loose.

Kings finally reign: NBL/WNBL rankings

In: NBL, WNBL — Wednesday, 19 Dec, 2018

SYDNEY Kings have hit the No.1 NBL ranking for the first time since Andrew Gaze's exceptional start at the helm three years ago, but a challenger awaits this round.

Dec 19

FFT10: Formalising 'Indigenous Round'

In: NBL, WNBL — Tuesday, 18 Dec, 2018

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: I'm not historically savvy enough to be sure but I suspect acknowledgement of what Indigenous sportsmen and women have contributed to our elite sporting landscape may have started with Kevin Sheedy's "Dreamtime at the G" innovation.

Dec 18

It took a lot of weeks: NBL PotW

In: NBL — Tuesday, 18 Dec, 2018

IT'S taken a lot of years, months and weeks for Basketball On The Internet's Round 9 NBL Player of the Week to snare this coveted accolade.

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