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NBL-China was 57-49 and 40 winks

In: NBL, NBA — Saturday, 7 May, 2016

CAN’T speak for anyone else but I just had the most sound night’s sleep so far in 2016, so the Sino-Australia Challenge last night wasn’t all bad after all.

May 7

United ties up Wesley

In: NBL — Wednesday, 4 May, 2016

NEW Zealand was impressive with the manner in which it KO’d Melbourne out of the 2015-16 NBL Semi Finals but United now has snatched another star Breaker by signing forward Tai Wesley.

May 4

Welcome to May 1

In: NBL — Sunday, 1 May, 2016

THE first day of May, songbirds are singing, it's the beginning, hip hip hooray. Oh. Apologies. Excuse me. Welcome to May 1, with our monthly 2001 NBL calendar revisit.

May 1

36ers' first recruiting coup

In: NBL — Thursday, 21 Apr, 2016

THE 36ers have scored their first major off-season NBL recruiting coup with coach Joey Wright helping to land the one man he has been wanting in Adelaide for three years.

Apr 21

Barlow to stick with United

In: NBL — Wednesday, 20 Apr, 2016

EXPECT Melbourne United soon to confirm it has secured last season’s semi final nemesis Cedric Jackson and regained London Olympic swingman David Barlow for its 2016-17 NBL Championship assault.

Apr 20

All-Aussies off to China

In: NBL — Tuesday, 19 Apr, 2016

LONDON Olympian David Barlow has a chance to re-establish himself next month as a member of the NBL’s All-Australian team for a three-match series against China’s national team.

Apr 19

Oh, Kay corralled by Hawks

In: NBL — Tuesday, 19 Apr, 2016

MITCH Norton will join retained Rhys Martin in Illawarra’s backcourt next season, with his Townsville Crocodiles teammate and NBL Rookie of the Year Nick Kay also flying with the Hawks.

Bennett crooning with in-tune Kings?

In: NBL — Tuesday, 19 Apr, 2016

HAVEN'T had this verified yet but for us basketball junkies, it's a fun one regardless, positioning NBA forward and Canadian star Anthony Bennett in Kings' purple.

Ando set for NBL return

In: NBL — Friday, 15 Apr, 2016

ONE of the big marquee names likely to return to the NBL in 2016-17 is European-based superstar centre David Andersen who appears United-bound, along with Nathan Jawai.

Apr 15

Sad day as Crocs declared extinct

In: NBL — Thursday, 14 Apr, 2016

THE sudden extinction of the Crocodiles in Townsville could have been averted – and perhaps still could be – if someone was prepared to under-write the NBL battlers to the tune of $500,000.

Apr 14

Keep calm and keep it real

In: NBL — Monday, 11 Apr, 2016

YES it’s happening again isn’t it? Here we are in 2016 and once again the lessons of history are being ignored as agents and players with extremely short memories line up with their hands out for the big payday.

Apr 11

STFU: JK rolling back to form

In: NBL — Sunday, 10 Apr, 2016

STFU (Sunday Topical Feature for U): Let’s be frank. It is near enough impossible for Julian Khazzouh to be inconspicuous at the best of times, let alone the worst.


Apr 10

Gibbo back where it began

In: NBL — Friday, 8 Apr, 2016

SIMILAR to a great relationship about to go sour, Adam Gibson walked from the Adelaide 36ers at the perfect time to avoid any bitter taste.

Apr 8

NBL should flip-flop on refs

In: NBL — Thursday, 7 Apr, 2016

THE NBL should announce its new operations manager tomorrow and then maybe it finally can confront the elephant in the room – the standard of the league’s officiating.

Apr 7

Peach leaves with a bullet

In: NBL — Wednesday, 6 Apr, 2016

IT'S official. Versatile forward Anthony Petrie will not be adding to his 120 NBL games with the Adelaide 36ers despite initial assurances he would exercise his 2015-16 option.

Apr 6

36ers win Shandong series 3-1

In: NBL — Tuesday, 5 Apr, 2016

ADELAIDE's 36ers have completed their four-game series against their Chinese sister-city Shandong with a 3-1 win after winning the decider 93-73 tonight.

Apr 5

Welcome to April

In: NBL — Sunday, 3 Apr, 2016

IT'S April and that means it's time to revisit the NBL's 2001 nude calendar. Yes I know the month started a few days ago, but there were April Fool's gags and real stories to get through.

Apr 3

Goulding re-Unites, now Bullets chase Cam

In: NBL — Saturday, 2 Apr, 2016

BRISBANE Bullets months ago made no secret of the fact free agents Adam Gibson, Chris Goulding, Rhys Martin, Brock Motum and Nathan Jawai were key names on their NBL shopping list.

Apr 2

It's THAT day!

In: NBL — Friday, 1 Apr, 2016

LONDON Olympian Adam Gibson today shocked pundits – including this one – by signing with Townsville Crocodiles while Chris Goulding has quit United for the Sydney Kings.

Apr 1

Crouching Tiger, Hidden King

In: NBL — Friday, 1 Apr, 2016

IT may be April 1 but this is no April Fool's joke - well, not yet anyway - but the Sydney Kings tomorrow are expected to announce Australian basketball legend Andrew Gaze as their new NBL had coach.

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