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TOTW Rd12: An apple a day for the newbies

In: NBL — Monday, 21 Feb, 2022

THEY have done it yet again! For the fourth time in their debut NBL season, Tasmania's gutsy JackJumpers have claimed our award as the Team of the Week, this time for their road heroics in Wollongong over finals wannabe Illawarra. The JJs equalled the record for made threes in a 40-minute NBL game, Josh Adams 8-of-11.

Feb 21

NBL Rd12: Hawks join Fraud Squad, Kings out

In: NBL — Sunday, 20 Feb, 2022

SYDNEY may have tried everything possible to throw away its NBL win over Perth in the last 78 seconds, but it is a genuine Final Four candidate, the Illawarra Hawks now confirmed as members of the NBL Fraud Squad, joining Brisbane, Adelaide, Cairns and New Zealand as Fool's Gold.

Feb 20

B&B: Brad and I take a Joey Time-Out

In: NBL, WNBL, NBA — Friday, 18 Feb, 2022

FORMER Adelaide 36ers, Brisbane Bullets and Gold Coast Blaze coach Joey Wright and I have a weekly "Time Out" podcast on Piranha Media but with Joey away, we invited Brad&Boti colleague Brad Rosen to join me for a visual treat. We also doubled it up as this week's Brad&Boti pod so this one is slightly different!

Feb 18

NBL Rd12: Look out for the Fraud Squad

In: NBL — Thursday, 17 Feb, 2022

GOOD news for Sydney fans. The Kings have finally exited the Fraud Squad offices, leaving Brisbane, Adelaide, Cairns and New Zealand to contemplate how they will blow or blister in their next NBL game, while Illawarra considers whether it should check in. 

Feb 17

TOTW Rd11: Phoenix lowered, Bullets blanked

In: NBL — Tuesday, 15 Feb, 2022

WHAT a round of NBL action when the potential grand final preview between Melbourne and Perth is obscured by two magnificent dunks, first by Cairns' Tahjere McCall, then by Sydney's Jaylen Adams, making our Team of the Week selection truly challenging.

Feb 15

NBL Rd11: Who dares wins

In: NBL — Thursday, 10 Feb, 2022

WHO dares wins may be the motto of the Special Air Services but it also surely applies to predicting winners in NBL Round 11, another one chock-full of hazardous options and untrustworthy performers. Brisbane must be driving James Duncan crazy and Adelaide testing CJ Bruton's patience.

Feb 10

B&B: Behind the WNBL curtain

In: NBL, WNBL — Wednesday, 9 Feb, 2022

WHAT is life REALLY like when you're stranded interstate, potentially for months on end due to COVID protocols? Brad Rosen and I wanted to bring that insight to our listeners and in Perth Lynx star Alex Ciabattoni, we found the perfect insider. This is another "must listen" for fans of our Brad&Boti podcast.

Feb 9

TOTW Rd10: Jumping Jacks no flash in the pan

In: NBL — Tuesday, 8 Feb, 2022

YES it's a hat-trick for the Apple Isle's "core" blimeys, those mighty Tasmania JackJumpers the biggest story of Round 10 and winning our NBL Team of the Week award for a third time and also for the second week in succession. From the moment Jack McVeigh let that 3-point attempt rip in Melbourne, the JJs had this wrapped up.

Feb 8

Book-end Hawks in revised NBL Rd10

In: NBL — Wednesday, 2 Feb, 2022

ILLAWARRA Hawks will book-end seven games of NBL action in Round 10, starting tonight against last-placed New Zealand before concluding on Monday against Final Four candidate South East Melbourne, the schedule revised today due to COVID-related health and safety protocols.

Feb 2

B&B: You think you know me. JC has an edge

In: NBL — Tuesday, 1 Feb, 2022

COLLEAGUE Brad Rosen and I knew our interview guest this week would be excellent but he was even better than we anticipated. If you thought you knew JASON CADEE, you're about to learn a lot more about him on this week's Brad&Boti podcast. Jason is one of the NBL's most intriguing ballers. 

Feb 1

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