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WATN#1: Wheels still rolling

In: NBL, Flashbacks — Monday, 10 Jul, 2017

THE adventures of Brett Wheeler – multiple NBL champion and grand final appearances record-holder – warrant far more than a “Where Are They Now?” feature, probably closer to a documentary and/or movie.

Jul 10

NBLers beat the 'odds'

In: NBL — Sunday, 9 Jul, 2017

IT was a victory to be proud of, a win against the odds, the umps and the arrogance of a China team confident it was hosting the NBL All-Australians with three extra weapons up its sleeve.

Jul 9

36ers to be turban-charged

In: NBL — Friday, 7 Jul, 2017

ADELAIDE 36ers have signed Indian national captain Vishesh Bhriguvanshi - a.k.a "VB9" - to their extended roster for the 2017-18 NBL season.

Jul 7

Sources tell me... 5

In: NBL, WNBL, Boomers & Opals, NBA — Thursday, 6 Jul, 2017

SOURCES TELL ME … 5 : So, yes, that should read “sauces” because this info comes directly from key insiders, Messrs Hollandaise and Bernaise, and Mademoiselle Bechamel, so expect some controversy.

Jul 6

Some bull**** in a China shop

In: NBL — Thursday, 6 Jul, 2017

THE good news about the NBL All Stars’ 66-68 loss last night to one of China’s national teams in Beijing is it mirrored last year’s opening to the inaugural three-match series.

Heritage Month in NBL 2017-18 draw

In: NBL — Wednesday, 5 Jul, 2017

GOING back to more weekend games was a no-brainer for the NBL but there is quite a lot to like about its 2017-18 draw, especially Heritage Month.

Jul 5

NBL Stars all about the burgers

In: NBL — Tuesday, 4 Jul, 2017

IT tips off tomorrow night, the second three-game NBL All-Australian All Stars against China in China series, and you don’t have to catch a flight to see all the action live.

Jul 4

Happy American Independence Day

In: NBL, WNBL, Misc — Tuesday, 4 Jul, 2017

NEW to our shores? Just stepped off the plane for your first pro ball gig or trying your luck "Down Under" for the first time? Well here's a blog revisit of the pitfalls for our U.S. friends.

Sources tell me... 4

In: NBL, WNBL, Boomers & Opals, NBA — Thursday, 29 Jun, 2017

SOURCES TELL ME … 4 : OK, as you no doubt realise, that should read “sauces” because this info comes directly from key topsiders, Doctor Worcestershire adding the team’s credibility.

Jun 29

Before the draft, Ferg already was a top guy

In: NBL, NBA — Wednesday, 28 Jun, 2017

BUDDING sports writer NIC FARNAN penned this piece on Adelaide 36ers rookie import TERRANCE FERGUSON midway through the NBL season, and it is worth revisiting now.

Jun 28

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