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Phoenix, Hawks start with 'forfeits': NBL

In: NBL — Sunday, 21 Jan, 2024

BACK in the day, if your basketball team forfeited a match, it went into the books as a 20-0 loss and your team additionally lost a championship point. Between them yesterday, the NBL's two losers - South East Melbourne and Illawarra - collectively gave their respective opponents a 20-0 start and never truly recovered.

Jan 21

Bryce is right but Aron still frights: NBL

In: NBL — Sunday, 21 Jan, 2024

BRYCE Cotton today played traffic warden, guiding the Wildcats past Sydney's potentially dangerous streets while in Cairns, Aron Baynes fully embraced his villainous image, burying a 3-point back-breaker that consolidated Brisbane into the post-season, leaving the Taipans to rue their lost yo-yo year. 

Jackies swarm and Wildcats maul: NBL

In: NBL — Saturday, 20 Jan, 2024

TASMANIA last night stalled its recent run of NBL outs with an NBL rout of league-leading United, Jordon Crawford back to his best before it was party time in the West, where Bryce Cotton was at his best as Perth gave Brisbane a lesson in teamwork and discipline, the Bullets humbled by 32 points.

Jan 20

Brad&Boti: Crocodile tears for Sydney

In: NBL, WNBL — Friday, 19 Jan, 2024

POOR Brad&Boti podcast colleague, past Kings captain Brad Rosen, had a mixed NBL round when he described Sydney's loss to Adelaide akin to watching paint dry, then was back in full fanboy mode as it smashed New Zealand. Fortunately Sydney's Flames saved their WNBL season after also going 1-1 over the round.

Jan 19

Lat for the win as Hawks fall: NBL

In: NBL — Friday, 19 Jan, 2024

THEY went into the match without Sam Waardenburg, Bobi Klintman and Jonah Antonio, then had Akoldah Gak, Taran Armstrong and Tajhere McCall foul out, Bul Kuol and Lat Mayen on four fouls in a 28-16 disparity, and Illawarra shooting 32 free throws to Cairns' 11. It may not be the Taipans' greatest victory in their NBL life, but it's surely up there.

Sixers flummox Phoenix in road rout: NBL

In: NBL — Thursday, 18 Jan, 2024

ADELAIDE 36ers forward Kyrin Galloway produced an NBL career-high 23 points last night, establishing a tone early which South East Melbourne never could match as the league's current bomb shelter resident fired off another warning shot its season as the league's easybeat is over. 

Jan 18

NBL Rankings, Tips 16: Time to smarten up

In: NBL — Wednesday, 17 Jan, 2024

LAST round in the NBL easily could have been dubbed "Brain Fade Round". First Tassie didn't foul late against Brisbane. Then Sydney left its big boy pants on the plane in Adelaide. Zylan Cheatham tried to call an on-court time-out, Jordon Crawford took a three when his team had time to win with an easier basket.

Jan 17

NBL TotW15: Soaring up the hit parade

In: NBL — Tuesday, 16 Jan, 2024

WHAT an amazing round that was considering a few teams looked gross in one outing, great in another. Adelaide, Sydney and New Zealand spring to mind for example. But when it came down to selecting our NBL Team of the Week for Round 15, it was easy to go for the club storming up the charts with a bullet. 

Jan 16

NBL Rd 15 Wrap: Kings turn it around over NZ

In: NBL — Monday, 15 Jan, 2024

IF you happened to miss our NBL Round 15 match summaries, here they all are in one fix! Of course, you can simply go back and find the game you might be searching for, or settle in for some light reading featuring Sydney's two chalk-and-cheese performances, among others. 

Jan 15

Kings sing in pink, Bullets fire: NBL

In: NBL — Monday, 15 Jan, 2024

NATHAN Sobey returned from injury to lead Brisbane over Illawarra before the Sydney Kings turned their "Pink Hoops" day to raise breast cancer awareness and funding, into a sell-out success as they routed New Zealand in front of a record 16,605 crowd, Jaylen Adams scoring 39 points.

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