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Taipans need a reality check: Rd.2

In: NBL — Wednesday, 20 Jan, 2021

IF you're a fan of the NBL's fun franchise the Cairns Taipans, then yes, right now you have reasons to be concerned.

Jan 20

NBL2021 PotW Rd.1: Play that funky music

In: NBL — Tuesday, 19 Jan, 2021

TYLER Harvey, Josh Giddey, Justin Simon, Yanni Wetzell, Dejan Vasiljevic, Jarell Martin, Yudai Baba, Vic Law, Jock Landale ... there was no shortage of new faces making a strong debut impression on our NBL Player of the Week voting panel.

Jan 19

Brad&Boti: Cairns is 'the hunted' now

In: NBL — Tuesday, 19 Jan, 2021

WHAT a thoroughly enjoyable opening round the NBL staged this week and I must confess, Brad Rosen and I could hardly wait to start debating its many ups and few downs.

Round Rap (1): No joshing, giddy about this kid

In: NBL — Monday, 18 Jan, 2021

JOSH Giddey's performance for Adelaide in its double-overtime victory over South East Melbourne and the return of Brian Goorjian, whose Hawks are off to a 2-0 start for the first time, is the talk of the NBL.

Jan 18

NBL: Positive tip-off tonight

In: NBL — Friday, 15 Jan, 2021

IT'S here. The NBL will tip-off tonight and Aussie basketball fans cannot wait, matches available for viewing on SBS Viceland, SBS On Demand and ESPN.

Jan 15

The Bryce is right for Perth

In: NBL — Thursday, 14 Jan, 2021

WE couldn't help ourselves so Brad Rosen and I sat down to consider who would come out in front of this historic coming NBL season where flexibility and the ability to cope with adversity will be key ingredients of success.

Jan 14

In-depth MAHERVELLOUS analysis

In: NBL, Boomers & Opals, SA — Wednesday, 13 Jan, 2021

NBL Pocket Podcast is one of the most unique out there and host Joseph Corr was keen to secure all the inside stuff and behind-the-scenes information of my near best-seller "MAHERVELLOUS! The Brett Maher Story" biography.

Jan 13

United they stand (NBL Preview)

In: NBL — Tuesday, 12 Jan, 2021

IT'S going to be an NBL season like no other, where resilience and the ability to cope with unforeseen circumstances play as big a role as talent and Xs and Os.

Jan 12

Roundtable Rascals talk Season 2021

In: NBL — Monday, 11 Jan, 2021

PETER Hooley and I joined Matt McQuade and host Julian Daw on Cluch Radio for its NBL Season 21 preview and we did agree on a few things!

Jan 11

January 10 no longer 'the date' but Larry, it's time to act

In: NBL — Wednesday, 6 Jan, 2021

IT's almost a redundant waste of time to say COVID-19 has masked virtually every aspect of our lives in uncertainty, but one thing is for sure - Adelaide boasts a viable magnificent NBL venue the league should hurry up and buy.

Jan 6

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