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Webster's defining win

In: NBL — Monday, 24 Jun, 2019

BREAKERS game-buster Corey Webster found his shot last night in Changzhou, scoring 19 to halftime en route to a game-high 23 as NBL Select won the dead rubber 86-74 over China.

Jun 24

China makes it 2-0, and oh, why two?

In: NBL — Saturday, 22 Jun, 2019

ADELAIDE 36ers coach Joey Wright needed more toughness, defensive commitment, locker-room presences and basketball IQ to improve his 36ers next season.

Jun 22

Bowen to Pacers, Froling back to 36ers

In: NBL, NBA — Friday, 21 Jun, 2019

SYDNEY Kings forward Brian Bowen did not hear his name called out at today's NBA Draft but he has landed a two-way contract with Indiana Pacers. Harry Froling, meanwhile, also went undrafted but knows he has a pathway into the NBA from the NBL.

Jun 21

Davis leads charge for Narelle

In: NBL — Thursday, 20 Jun, 2019

QUALITY Brisbane-based basketball journalist Greg Davis has highlighted the plight of Queensland administrator Narelle Kelly in the #getnarellewell campaign.

Jun 20

Sixers joy in China groove

In: NBL — Wednesday, 19 Jun, 2019

ADELAIDE 36er fans probably were the happiest tonight as Daniel Johnson and Ramone Moore showed great signs during the NBL Select's Game 1 loss to China in Qingdao.

Jun 19

Bits&Pieces: The Ball is rolling

In: NBL, Boomers & Opals — Tuesday, 18 Jun, 2019

TODAY may just be the biggest recruiting day in Illawarra Hawks' NBL history with LaMelo Ball - brother of Lonzo, son of LaVar - and 10-year NBA veteran Aaron Brooks both declaring their intent to be in Wollongong this year.

Jun 18

Bits&Pieces: Here comes Big E

In: NBL, WNBL, Boomers & Opals — Monday, 17 Jun, 2019

WITH Greek powerhouse Panathinaikos agreeing to terms with Jacob Wiley for next season, expect Adelaide 36ers to soon reveal Eric Griffin as his replacement import for the 2019-20 NBL season.

Jun 17

Griffin target as Wiley shines o's

In: NBL — Thursday, 13 Jun, 2019

MULTI-purpose 203cm forward Eric Griffin will be Adelaide 36ers' replacement for contracted star Jacob Wiley, who continues to attract heavy European interest.

Jun 13

Ball trio in Honours List

In: NBL, Boomers & Opals — Monday, 10 Jun, 2019

AUSTRALIAN basketball trio Luc Longley, Ricky Grace and Bruce Spangler have been recognised in the Queen's Birthday Honours List.

Jun 10

Roadrunner to replace Wiley

In: NBL — Friday, 31 May, 2019

ADELAIDE 36ers have a contingency plan in place with a star import replacement for forward Jacob Wiley on stand-by should he receive an offer he cannot refuse to continue his professional career in Europe.

May 31

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