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Brad&Boti: Josh Roberts, upsets and poor scheduling

In: NBL, WNBL — Thursday, 7 Dec, 2023

OUR guest of honour on this week's Brad&Boti podcast with Brad Rosen and myself needed no introduction ... because she was a no-show! But we had so much to discuss coming out of the WNBL and NBL rounds - upsets, overtime, it was all happening.

Dec 7

WNBL Tips6: Boomers now under microscope

In: WNBL — Wednesday, 6 Dec, 2023

ALL eyes are switched right onto early WNBL pacesetter Melbourne after the Boomers succumbed at home to Perth and now face the Lynx in their home lair this round. Melbourne's past three games have been less than impressive, also barely escaping Bendigo and Canberra who were 7th and 8th at the time.

Dec 6

WNBL TotW5: Tough round but an easy pick

In: WNBL — Monday, 4 Dec, 2023

IT may have been one of this WNBL season's best rounds but selecting our Team of the Week was not all that difficult, Townsville barely escaping Adelaide, Southside handling Canberra, and on the road, Bendigo staving off Lightning in overtime. So who is left. Hmm, not a lot of chin-stroking required, surely?

Dec 4

WNBL Wrap5: Lynx jinx Boomers as Spirits also rise

In: WNBL — Sunday, 3 Dec, 2023

PERTH today reinforced the widely-held preseason belief that anyone could beat anyone on any given day/night this season in the WNBL when it smashed the league-leading Boomers' undefeated winning streak by 17 in Melbourne, controversy and an overtime thriller also big in a pulsating round.

Dec 3

Brad&Boti: Oops. Better late than never!

In: NBL, WNBL — Saturday, 2 Dec, 2023

YES, better late than never is our motto and due to a technical difficulty - our usually magnficent, dependable and ever-professional producer (yes, its Christmas parties time!) has been asleep since Tuesday - now you can still get our Brad&Boti podcast for this week's NBL and WNBL before the New Year.

Dec 2

WNBL Rd5: Timely break for faltering Flames

In: WNBL — Wednesday, 29 Nov, 2023

SYDNEY his now suited up its "Big Three" - MVP Cayla George, championship-winner Lauren Nicholson and Opals' World Cup captain Tess Madgen - yet continues to slump in our weekly WNBL rankings, a week off from action likely to help the Flames find the fire.

Nov 29

WNBL TotW4: Fire up Spirit, Boomers and Flyers!

In: WNBL — Monday, 27 Nov, 2023

MELBOURNE Boomers and Southside Flyers got out of jail scot free and Bendigo Spirit, even under duress, won its first game of the WNBL season. Frankly, those results only made coming up with this week's WNBL Team of the Week for Round 4 more difficult than usual.

Nov 27

WNBL Wrap4: Bendigo show spirit in break through

In: WNBL — Sunday, 26 Nov, 2023

DEFENDING WNBL champion Townsville put the fire to the playoff aspirations of Adelaide and Perth in a sizzling Round 4, beating both by double figures, and Bendigo broke through for its first win of the season despite losing star Kelsey Griffin, Casey Samuels stepping up to sink Sydney. 

Nov 26

Great Aussie Basketball Quiz Answers

In: NBL, WNBL, Boomers & Opals, NBA — Friday, 24 Nov, 2023

HERE we go, your moment of truth if you yesterday had a crack at our first annual "Great Australian Basketball Quiz" WITHOUT consulting any search engines or other sources beyond your own knowledge and memory. It wasn't an easy quiz, although some of the questions should have been relatively manageable. One of them was a stumper though.

Nov 24

The Great Aussie Basketball Quiz

In: NBL, WNBL, Boomers & Opals, NBA — Thursday, 23 Nov, 2023

SO, you think you know all there is about Australian basketball. You know our connections to the NBA and WNBA, the histories of the Boomers and Opals, and, naturally, anything worth knowing of the NBL and WNBL, right? OK then, here it is! The first annual "Great Aussie Basketball Quiz" for fans of the game who think they know it all.

Nov 23

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