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Great Aussie Basketball Quiz Answers

In: NBL, WNBL, Boomers & Opals, NBA — Friday, 24 Nov, 2023

HERE we go, your moment of truth if you yesterday had a crack at our first annual "Great Australian Basketball Quiz" WITHOUT consulting any search engines or other sources beyond your own knowledge and memory. It wasn't an easy quiz, although some of the questions should have been relatively manageable. One of them was a stumper though.

Nov 24

The Great Aussie Basketball Quiz

In: NBL, WNBL, Boomers & Opals, NBA — Thursday, 23 Nov, 2023

SO, you think you know all there is about Australian basketball. You know our connections to the NBA and WNBA, the histories of the Boomers and Opals, and, naturally, anything worth knowing of the NBL and WNBL, right? OK then, here it is! The first annual "Great Aussie Basketball Quiz" for fans of the game who think they know it all.

Nov 23

NBL TotW8: Fightback fiesta features fully

In: NBL — Tuesday, 21 Nov, 2023

OH MY. The NBL's Round 8 was chock full of great performances, magnificent fightback victories and some outstanding individual efforts. It has made our Team of the Week a truly difficult call, especially with Illawarra as well breaking out of its funk to score a road success across the Tasman. 

Nov 21

Brad&Boti: Who needs guests when we're rolling?

In: NBL, WNBL — Tuesday, 21 Nov, 2023

SADLY, as much as fellow Brad&Boti podcaster Brad Rosen and I tried, not a soul wanted to appear on our show this week, such is the fear spreading about our insightful and fearless interview skills. Either that, or we forgot to contact anyone. Never mind, we had plenty to say anyway!

Goulding gold while Clark's dunk slays NZ

In: NBL — Sunday, 19 Nov, 2023

CHRIS Goulding broke 6,000 NBL career points and dragged Melbourne back from potential disaster to a heroic victory over Sydney after the Kings' NSW rival Illawarra shone in Auckland, taking out New Zealand behind two savage Gary Clark plays. 

Nov 19

Oy vey! It's Jack McVeigh!

In: NBL — Saturday, 18 Nov, 2023

JACK McVeigh hit the first NBL match-winning basket of his career as Tasmania escaped Cairns in an overtime thriller before Brisbane squandered yet another victory by stumbling at the final hurdle allowing Perth to skip to its fifth straight win.

Nov 18

Sixers sizzle as NZ and Perth both shine

In: NBL — Friday, 17 Nov, 2023

NO, it wasn't the greatest comeback win in Adelaide's NBL history, but beating South East Melbourne tonight was definitely top three, Dejan Vasiljevic and a cast of 36ers castaways exposing the Phoenix as championship frauds and the Sixers as serial under-achievers. 

Nov 17

NBL Rd8 Rankings, Tips and Injury Question Marks

In: NBL — Thursday, 16 Nov, 2023

WHO suits up? That's the behind-the-scenes mystery ahead of this NBL round, Luke Travers, Ian Clark, Matthew Dellavedova, Ariel Hukporti, Patrick Miller, Bobi Klintman, Tyrell Harrison, Trey Kell all on the recovery trail, with Daniel Johnson returning to Adelaide also a headline maker.

Nov 16

Brad&Boti: NBL7 and WNBL 2 Under Microscope

In: NBL, WNBL — Wednesday, 15 Nov, 2023

HAVE Melbourne United, Sydney Kings and Tasmania JackJumpers separated themselves from the NBL pack and have Melbourne Boomers emerged as the surprise WNBL title favourite? Brad Rosen and I had a lot of thinking to do for this week's Brad&Boti podcast after the weekend's results. 

Nov 15

Hawks sack Jackomas, Tatum named interim

In: NBL — Tuesday, 14 Nov, 2023

 ILLAWARRA today axed coach Jacob Jackomas, replacing him - temporarily it  would appear - with assistant Justin Tatum, the father of Boston Celtics NBA All  Star Jayson, as it searches for a new head man.

Nov 14

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