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FLASHBACK 139: Trains, tigers and revolutions

In: SA, Flashbacks — Saturday, 18 Jul, 2020

WELCOME back. I am delighted and humbled to say how much positive feedback I received with my last two FLASHBACK features, encompassing Chapter 1 of my forthcoming memoir. It's allowed me to be talked into giving you the second chapter this weekend, with Part 1 today.

Jul 18

Master coach in holiday action

In: SA — Tuesday, 30 Jun, 2020

TRIPLE-NBL Coach of the Year and championship-winning coach Joey Wright will run a super camp at Titanium Security Arena in Adelaide next week for kids 10-18 and of any skill level.

Jun 30

Talking NBL at Pocket Podcast

In: NBL — Sunday, 21 Jun, 2020

HAD the pleasure of joining Joseph Corr for his latest NBL Pocket Podcast talking Hawks, Trimble, Gliddon, Magnay and Black Lives Matter.

Jun 21

Will is away, to NBA ... now

In: NBL, NBA — Wednesday, 17 Jun, 2020

BRISBANE Bullets' burgeoning big-man Will Magnay will NOT be playing in the NBL this season, heading shortly to Orlando and Disneyworld to play NBA with, most likely, Dallas Mavericks.

Jun 17

FLASHBACK 138: Memories, circa 1950-1971

In: Flashbacks, Misc — Saturday, 6 Jun, 2020

AS revealed here last week, I've been buried in my PC banging out my memoir, inspired by colleagues Derek Pedley and Vincent Ross. So here now is Parts Two and Three of Chapter One. Settle in with a cup of coffee because this is a longer read. Or, of course, don't.

Jun 6

FLASHBACK 137: Memories, circa 1963-66

In: Boomers & Opals, SA, Flashbacks — Sunday, 31 May, 2020

IF you've been wondering where I've been lately, truth is with COVID-19, there's just been a lot of tail-chasing stories which I've happily left to others while being prompted to write a memoir, as inspired by former journo colleagues Derek Pedley and Vincent Ross.

May 31

Stuff I've heard lately

In: NBL, WNBL — Monday, 25 May, 2020

BEEN a little busy working on a couple of major projects but I've heard some stuff which I'm happy to pass along, the biggest news being Bryce Cotton's likely return to Perth as told in a story from Rome today by Emiliano Carchia.

May 25

Bullying is alive and thriving in sport

In: WNBL, Boomers & Opals — Monday, 18 May, 2020

FORMER WNBL Head Sally Phillips partially breaks her silence on what drove her from the role:

On Friday 24th April 2020, some old wounds were reopened as I read about Raelene Castle and the ‘abhorrent’ bullying she was subjected to at the hands of “faceless people.”

May 18

NBL Pocket Podcast: How Good was Gaze?

In: NBL, Boomers & Opals, NBA — Sunday, 17 May, 2020

INSPIRED by The Last Dance series on Netflix - if you don't know what that is, you shouldn't be here - NBL Pocket Podcast hit me up last week for a searching look back on our own NBL "GOAT" Andrew Gaze, asking the question, how good was he? 

May 17

COVID-19? The Podcast!

In: NBL, WNBL, Boomers & Opals — Monday, 4 May, 2020

WE couldn't stop ourselves! Brad Rosen and I jumped on the phones and decided you simply HAD to know what we're thinking. We could change the world! Or, you know, not.

May 4

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