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Griner's nine-year Russian prison term confirmed

In: Misc — Wednesday, 26 Oct, 2022

AN appeal against her nine-year prison sentence for "smuggling and possessing cannabis oil" by WNBA and USA superstar Brittney Griner was rejected today in a Moscow court, consigning her to remaining behind bars, where she has been since her February 17 arrest. 

Oct 26

Boomers prepare for Borat and Co.

In: Boomers & Opals — Wednesday, 26 Oct, 2022

AUSTRALIA has named another solid mostly-NBL based Boomers team for next month's FIBA World Cup qualifier against burgeoning powerhouse Kazakhstan in Kazakhstan, a trip which should very much help our boys' cultural learnings. 

NBL TOTW4: Three contenders rock our judges

In: NBL — Tuesday, 25 Oct, 2022

THERE definitely are rounds when it is very difficult to select the NBL Team of the Week and Round 4 is no exception. We had three outstanding candidates in the Adelaide 36ers, South East Melbourne Phoenix and Tasmania JackJumpers, in another series where home-court advantage didn't stand for much at all.

Oct 25

Rd4 NBL23: Kings on throne, but only just

In: NBL — Monday, 24 Oct, 2022

IF you'd asked anyone which club would be leading the NBL after four rounds, the defending champion Sydney Kings would have been a fair and reliable - and accurate - guess. But come on. Who would have had New Zealand and Cairns equal second? Perth at fifth? Melbourne eighth?

Oct 24

Bob's Bonus: Do we really believe in the Nets?

In: NBA — Sunday, 23 Oct, 2022

BOB'S BONUS: Seattle-based American correspondent Bob Craven could not let the first week of the 2022-23 NBA season go without giving us some of his astute observations. And because we're Aussies, he obviously felt Ben Simmons was the best place to start his weekly recap. 

Oct 23

Bob's Corner: Dark times for Dikembe

In: NBA — Saturday, 22 Oct, 2022

BOB'S CORNER: The NBA season tipped off this week but there is always plenty happening in US basketball anyway, as BOB CRAVEN, our man with the Stateside scoops, reports in a series of significant snippets, none moreso than the latest news of the state of Dikembe Mutombo's ill-health. 

Oct 22

B&B: Bec gives us the lowdown on WC, and more

In: WNBL, Boomers & Opals, Misc — Friday, 21 Oct, 2022

BRAD Rosen and I enjoyed one of our favourite interviews this week at the Brad&Boti podcast when we had our (Rose) Golden Girl - the one and only - Bec Allen as our special guest, talking AIS, WNBL, WNBA, Europe, Olympics, World Cup, injuries ... you name it. She's candid and an absolute delight.  

Oct 21

NBL23 R4: Bullets feel heat with road challenges

In: NBL — Thursday, 20 Oct, 2022

NOW order and common sense has been restored and the farce that was the "Trial of Jesse Wagstaff" - longtime Perth villain but this time an innocent - is in the rearview mirror, NBL Round 4 presents several marquee matchups and already desperate times for some, notably Brisbane coach James Duncan.

Oct 20

NBA tips off with strong Aussie/NBL presence

In: NBL, NBA — Wednesday, 19 Oct, 2022

THE NBA's 2022-23 season tips off today with a powerful Australian presence, enhanced even moreso by an NBL influence. The opening games of the 82-game schedule are done and dusted, with a long wait ahead until we see the Golden State Warriors face Milkwaukee Bucks for the championship.

Oct 19

NBLTOTW3: Kings of the rings

In: NBL — Wednesday, 19 Oct, 2022

OUR first official "Basketball On The Internet" NBL Team of the Week - even though we have backdated it - could not have been tougher, with not one, not two, but three exceptional candidates rocking it through Round 3. But then three-for-3 is probably appropriate.

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