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B&B: Longest-serving King joins us

COLLEAGUE Brad Rosen and I were busy boys this week, not only securing the longest-serving current Sydney King for our Brad&Boti podcast, but also taking a look through the NBL and WNBL activity as the clubs prepare to launch into the excitement that will be the 2021-22 seasons.

That man, of course - but perhaps unexpectedly so - to wear the Kings' purple-and-gold longest on this season's roster is Shaun Bruce. Hands up if you figured that out before you saw his photograph?

Shaun joins us to talk about his journey in basketball, from his early days under mastercoach Owen Hughan in country Horsham, right up to today where he is preparing to embark on another NBL season and his third in Sydney.

Shaun already has plied his trade at Cairns Taipans and Brisbane Bullets, then received a late NBL career lifeline from Joey Wright at the Adelaide 36ers as an injury replacement.

That led to him being spotted and recruited by the Kings and coach Will Weaver, with the rest, as they say, now history.

It's a nice coincidence his older brother Aaron, after a successful college career in the USA, also played for Adelaide before crossing to the Kings.

Shaun did not go the college route, finding his way through the game's next levels on into the NBL, having starred in places such as SEABL and the QBL.

He has played alongside and been coached by some of the game's greats in Australia, gives us an insight into his favourite Kings team and also into what fans should expect of this season's team out of Sydney.

That's before Brad and I take a look at the first round in our customary shallow manner. Hey, if you want "in-depth", there's lots of places to find that too. Just not here!

And if you're a WNBL fan, we also have some news for you, including our joint selections for just which team will be raising the Professor Raelene R. Randon Trophy at the end of the season.

For all that and more, or maybe less, hit this link, or go to your usual outlets for podcasts at Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

(And no, the women don't actually play for the Professor Raelene R. Randon Trophy. But yeah, you knew that. Right? We just had "trophy name envy" over the Dr John Raschke Trophy...)

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