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B&B: Mitch on why he's a 36er, and much more

PODCAST partner Brad Rosen and I put NBL championship point guard Mitch McCarron through the "griller" in this week's Brad&Boti session, exploring a basketball journey which now brings him to SA and the Adelaide 36ers for the next three seasons. But he's already been to more interesting places than you'd ever guess.

His story begins in Alice Springs, takes in Brisbane, the AIS in Canberra, Cairns, Denver, Spain, New Zealand, Melbourne and now Adelaide.

The starting point guard for Melbourne United in its 2020-21 championship team, playing for Dean Vickerman and alongside teammates such as Olympians Chris Goulding and Jock Landale, Mitch simply loves basketball.

Winning championships is not a new sensation for the tenacious, unassuming playmaker. He won titles with teams in Spain and Slovenia long before being selected for the Boomers team which won the FIBA Asia Cup at its first attempt.

So yes, Mitch talks about influences on his career, such as Aaron Fearne, Andrej Lemanis and Vickerman. (And we gave him a great tip on how to win favour with his new coach at the 36ers, Conner Henry.)

Mitch talks about the influence former Adelaide 36ers and NBA coach Mike Dunlap had at Metro State University in Denver, ironic considering he now is in another of Dunlap's former stomping grounds.

Mitch led Metro State to back-to-back NCAA Division II Final Four appearances, including a runner-up finish in 2013, averaging 16.3 points and 6.7 rebounds for his career.

In 2015, he was named NABC Player of the Year.

There's a lot we didn't know about Mitch McCarron, baller, father, coach. But we do now and you can too by clicking this link, or going to Apple Podcasts or Spotify if you prefer.

Aug 24

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