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B&B: NBL Wrap2 (Bne,Cns, Mel, NZ, Per)

PAST Sydney Kings captain Brad Rosen and I took some time to look over the remaining five NBL teams we didn't cover last time, for a rapidfire Brad&Boti podcast this week.

We cast our eyes over the rosters of Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne, New Zealand and Perth as they shape up for the NBL's 2021-22 season.

It's now looking most likely to tip off in December so the teams have ample time to settle in their imports and work through quarantine requirements.

There's a number of impressive new faces, not to mention the return of most of the league's top stars, indicating a robust and tight season ahead.

Brad already has his Final Four worked out and has high expectations returning NBA championship winning playmaker Matthew Dellavedova will have the huge impact Melbourne United is anticipating.

Perth has lost so many quality players, yet still seems to have its core intact. The Wildcats' first season under Scott Morrison promises to be quite compelling especially if Vic Law hits his straps. And we even have a suggestion for the import centre Perth could look at.

We taped before Tai Webster and the Breakers parted company, with the star guard not seeking COVID vaccination. Let's hope he doesn't now try to play in India and be the victim of a Punjab. 

It's a big season coming up and you can hear our (mercifully) brief summary at this link. Or you can go to your usual podcast places at Spotify or Apple Podcasts. 

Sep 21

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