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B&B: 'Start with a 1-year contract' - Opals star

THE 2022 FIBA World Cup for Women is drawing ever closer and our Australian team is carrying the hopes of the host nation in Sydney next week. And that, of course, means perfect timing for Brad Rosen and I to engage Opals star Sara Blicavs as our latest guest interview on the Brad&Boti podcast. 

In the aftermath of the announcement another "friend of the show" Tess Madgen being awarded the Opals' captaincy, Sara joins us to discuss her storied career and famous family.

The daughter of Australian Olympian and 1978 FIBA World Cup Boomers captain and NBL champion Andris Blicavs, and Karen (nee Ogden), the WNBL's first MVP, actually a dual MVP and also a dual championship-winner with St Kilda, Sara has carved out her own journey which also has taken her to the top.

She comes from great stock, obviously, oldest brother Kris a prominent SEABL player and highly-sought personal trainer and brother Mark that versatile utility (defender, backman, ruckman, wing) for Geelong in its hunt for the AFL premiership.

But right now Sara has international fish to fry as the Opals swap from their Gold Coast camp to Sydney in preparation for the biggest women's basketball event in Australia since the 2000 Olympics.  (Or if you want to be women-specific - since the 1994 FIBA World Cup for Women in Sydney.)

Sara has a ripping story to tell of backyard battles with her brothers, her evolution as a player, the AIS and her emotions after originally missing the Opals team for the Tokyo Olympics.

Oozing personality and fun, she even has something nice to say about Liz Cambage.

Sandy Brondello, Lauren Jackson, Tess Madgen, Kristi Harrower and Jenna O'Hea are just some of the other notable names who have proven significant in Sara's career which was seriously interrupted by one of the worst knee injuries of the past decade.

The dual-WNBL champion (with Bendigo and Southside) also has an invaluable tip for potential young players that they should avoid an inaugural multi-year contract.

Find out why by hearing the full interview at this link, or head to Spotify or Apple Podcasts. You will not be disappointed, Sara is an absolute delight.


Sep 12

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