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B&B: Top Hawk talks on Finals eve

THE NBL semi finals tipped off last night in Melbourne and continue tonight in Wollongong when Illawarra Hawks host Sydney Kings in Game 1 of that series. Brad Rosen and I picked the brain of Hawks captain AJ Ogilvy for our Brad&Boti podcast, taking him through his stellar career and up to tip-off tonight.

You can hear what AJ has to say by clicking on this link because this is another fun journey as the Sydney-born centre takes us through his career ups and downs.

He was a Kings fan growing up, though he enjoyed West Sydney Razorbacks just as much (if not more, despite Brad's tears) and when he had his AIS stint, the young men on scholarship there with him reads like a who's who of Australian basketball.

We talk Turkey ... and also a few other locations which followed his very successful time at college in the US at Vanderbilt.

Why did he play for the Kings first in the NBL?

What took him to Illawarra where he now very much is identified as a Hawk?

How does he feel about some of his NBL coaches, most notably the Illawarra ones such as Rob Beveridge and now the GOAT, Brian Goorjian? (Can Brad Rosen stop himself from mentioning he once was Goorj's assistant?)

AJ gives us his views on LaMelo Ball, Oscar Forman, Tim Coenraad and Ben Madgen to name just a few.

And we talk about his new role at the club and how Illawarra dragged itself out of its mid-season doldrum that even threatened its finals position.

He is even a dual-citizen. Hear all about that too before Brad and I slip into our "Rosen Rattler" and "Nagy Nasty". Ariel Hukporti, Nathan Sobey, they all get a guernsey and just hit this link and you're away. Or go to Spotify or Apple podcasts. 

Apr 29

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