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Brad&Boti: Joey Wright tells all

WE scored a coup with Brad Rosen this week, interviewing former Adelaide 36ers, Gold Coast Blaze and Brisbane Bullets NBL coach Joey Wright for our Brad&Boti podcast, and he's talking about anything and everything you want to know.

A three-time NBL Coach of the Year - and there is one year he didn't get it when he did secretly covet it - and a championship-winner with the Bullets in 2007 when Brisbane won 21 straight games, Joey talks about what he's doing now.

He left the 36ers prematurely and by mutual agreement but he is a coaching "lifer" who has so much to offer, his Transition Sports looking out for players of all ages and skill levels.

What else is he doing now?

How does the league compare to when he was playing in it as an import for Geelong?

What are his thoughts on the following:

Sam Mackinnon;

CJ Bruton;

Adam Gibson;

Nathan Sobey;

Daniel Johnson;

Kevin White;

The NBL;

And how he departed from Adelaide 36ers, a club he took to two Grand Final Series, the first in his debut season at the Sixers after they had finished dead last the previous season.

It's great stuff. Anyone who knows Joey knows he his candid, thought-provoking but also with a sense of humour.

And, of course, Brad and I also check out the latest in the NBL Cup. It's all here at this link, or you can find us through Spotify or at Apple Podcasts.

Mar 2

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