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FLASHBACK 104: More mish, and mash

*FLASHBACKS, my irregular "lucky dip" where I just reach into my drawers of old Australian basketball stuff and transcribe or post whatever I find for you.*

ANOTHER minor rummage threw up this particular mish mash of memories.

Who knows? You, or someone you know might be among them!

NBL CHAMPS 1991: Perth goes back-to-back, this time in colour.

ST KILDA! Or one of St Kilda's later versions, I found this poster during a clear out.

GOOD OLD DAYS: Chris Blakemore practising a FT, with a young Paul Rogers.

7-FOOTER: Andy Campbell wins a tap for South against Tigers' star Laurie Harcus.

SMITHY! North's Alan Smith, in action for SA.

OLD FOES: Robbie Cadee pressures Ken Burbridge.

SA'S G.O.A.T.? Alan Wheeler tries to get into position against Werner Linde. Not a chance.

PERFECT POISE: Tonny Jensen shooting the J for Newcastle.

COALFACE: Ken Cole on the move.

LEGS 11: Mark Lampshire fires for Torrens over West's Roger King.

HELP: Trouble identifying this one. John Van Dongen, left, maybe...and ?

SPOGGY'S J: Glenelg's Steve Sparrow gets his jumpshot off over South's Elder Palmer.

BIG V: Victoria's Under-18 State team for the 1965 nationals in Adelaide. Spot anyone famous?

CHIN CHIN? The 36ers' bench accepts an imminent result. But Mark Davis didn't get the memo.

THE GREATEST PASSER: Michael Ahmatt sizes up his options.

DUNK-BOUND: Andris Blicavs for the Boomers over New Zealand.

SOMETHING BREWIN': Banstown Bruins' Paul Brennan puts the ball on the floor.

AUSTRALIA'S OWN LARRY: Larry Sengstock with the J for St Kilda at Albert Park.

Nov 18

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