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FLASHBACK 105: Pics from all over

*FLASHBACKS, my irregular "lucky dip" where I just reach into my drawers of old Australian basketball stuff and transcribe or post whatever I find for you.*

LOOKING to clear some pics from the cobwebs of my files.

Who knows? You, or someone you know might be among them!

CHIP OFF THE BLOCK: Shane Ahmatt with his father Michael's hallowed No.8.

AC WITH THE PB: Andy Campbell with the putback.

VICTORIA, 1963: The Big V's 1963 Australian Championship team.

ROCKY D: Pac-8 star Steve Puidikas fires over Australia's Perry Crosswhite.

NO NO: Yes, it's JoJo English, joining the 36ers for no good reason.

COOL FOR LUKE: Schoolboy Luke Schenscher selected to play for the Boomers.

WEST TEST: Roger King for the board fromk Sturt's David Smyth and teammate Alan Hughes.

I KNOW BEST: Mike Dunlap illuminates Tim Brenton

BIG WHEELS: Brett Wheeler battling for thr block.

RINGING A BELL: Sturt centre Jane Barton reviewing options.

JJ: Virginia Jucius fires despite Di McMahon's late arrival.

SOUTH/NORWOOD STAR: Carol Andrew with the long J

ADELAIDE STAR: Sylvia Salcak with the sweet jumper against South

HAHN  FLIGHT: Kathy Hahn whips a ball forward for Noarlunga aginst West.

INJURY WOES: Michelle Brogan for NCT, down and in trouble.

SIXERS BIGS: Andrew Svaldenis and Willie Simmons compete at training.

HILL'S HOIST: Jo Hill in an early publicity shot.

NEWCASTLE STAR: Tonny Jensen in flight for the Falcons.

ALL THAT EARLY JAZZ: Joe Ingles, the young Tiger.

Apr 21

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