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FLASHBACK 66: Good old days

FLASHBACKS, my irregular "lucky dip" where I just reach into my drawers of old Australian basketball stuff and transcribe or post whatever I find for you.

YOU know I'm as big a fan of the women's game as I am of the men's, but truth is, when you're rummaging for old pictures, the dispraity between the coverage truly stands out.

So I make no apologies for that - it's just a sad fact. Still, I hope you find something to spark a good memory among these:

HAMMOND MAKES MUSIC: Hawk import Alphonse Hammond, bailed up by Phil Smyth.

BENNIE & HIS JETS: Bennie Lewis flies into his jumper against Newcastle.

OPAL AHOY: Allison Cook battles the Ukraine.

APOLLO DAYS: Bill Jones' eyes are only for the ball.

SAYONARA BABY: Opals forward Michelle Brogan has this Japanese foray covered.

HEY TRUE BLUE: Cal Bruton, naturalised and loving life as a Boomer.

BIG EASY: Boomers centre Paul Kuiper in action against the Big East.

THE PROOF! Who says Darryl Pearce never played defence? Here he is taking charge!

TOUGH NUTS: Perth's Mike Ellis head on with Brisbane's Darren Perry.

X-FACTOR: Adding Dwayne Nelson made 36ers champions.

FALLIN' FALLON: Trish Fallon gets away her shot against USA.

WILDCAT & GIANT: Wayne Carroll pressured by Cal Bruton.

KING'S DECREE: What about the foul? Ken Cole making the NBL's most regular plea.

OPALS SANDWICH: Rachael Sporn and Shelley Sandie sandwich Ukraine.

HAWK ORIGINAL: Playmaker Gordie McLeod.

GENERAL NUISANCE: Phil Smyth lays it up against the US.

PRE-NBL: Gordy Clemens in action for Townsville Suns.

DAVID JOHNSON: Hit 48 pts in the prelim for Bendigo, then 70 in the SEABL Final! Amazing

AIRBORNE CARF: Steve Carfino to the hoop for Sydney.

KING MARK: Sydney forward Mark Dalton in action against Melbourne Tigers.

GORDIE AGAIN! This time in a rare shot during his stint at Hobart, Gordie McLeod.

Jan 24

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