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FLASHBACK 70: Mainly NBL and Opals

FLASHBACKS, my irregular "lucky dip" where I just reach into my drawers of old Australian basketball stuff and transcribe or post whatever I find for you.

HAVE a cardboard box under my desk at work which I thought I'd sort through and came across these golden oldies.

There's NBL, Opals and one shot of the Boomers, which is the first one below. 

The quality here is definitely low rez but you never know what gem you might find.

SEPIA? Andrew Vlahov in an old shot, repping the Boomers.

NBL MAYHEM: That's David Stiff, far right for Hobart. You pick the other two. (And you did! Rodger Smith and Travis Rousell. Thanks to everyone who played.)

TITANS: Brisbane's Aaron Honeyman tries to avoid Giants guard Darryl Pearce.

NBL CHAMPS 1993: Melbourne Tigers claim their first NBL crown.

ADMIRABLE BUT NOT THE ADMIRAL: David Robinson pursues the ball for the 36ers.

FREE WHEELIN': Brett Wheeler hammers down a trademark dunk.

STEWIE!! Hobart's Anthony Stewart snatches this rebound.

GOAL TEND OR BLOCK? Leroy, Tang and Andre Moore are impressed with Adrian Branch's leap.

HAIR-RAISING: Tim Morrissey on the move for Sydney.

OPALS DAYS: Allison Cook takes on Japan, with Fiona Robinson coming to screen.

CANADIANS CLUBBED: Trish Fallon holds back the Canadian tide.

OZ94: Shelley Gorman pushing Australia forward.

LOW RINGS? Sandy Brondello gets up there at practice.

COACH TOM MAHER: I can't believe she got that high.

COOKY FLYING: Allison Cook, airborne this time.

KEWIE? Yes it is, Graham Kubank, circa a very long time ago.

NBL SHIFT BREWIN': Vince Hinchen in his Bankstown Bruin days.

WOOD FIRES: West's Ray Wood, the first #9 in Adelaide to have a 41-point NBL game.

BRANCHING OUT: Adrian Branch fires over Bruce Bolden and Darren Perry.

Mar 13

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