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NBL TV Callers: Please, shut the hell up

THERE'S a lot to love about the NBL this year and its blanket TV coverage but can our commentators please learn occasionally to just shut the hell up?

That's all.

Shut up.

It's not radio.

We can see what is unfolding.

You don't have to talk at a million miles per hour, per second, bombarding us with statistical information and relentless cliches and drivel, not to mention repeating yourselves, repeating yourselves and repeating yourselves as if we didn't hear you the first-second-third time.

Yes. He's played 192 NBA games. Thank you. We heard you before. And in the previous game. And when you trot it out again in the next.

Just. Shut. Up.

Not forever, you understand - though in a couple of cases, that sure wouldn't hurt.

But just with the ceaseless cross-examination of every piece of minutiae as though any second now this exceptional gem of trivia you are force-feeding us at a rate of knots will solve the riddle of why Team A is leading by 15 points. If not the many mysteries of our world.

Thank God you're there for our edification and assistance, hey? What would we do without your steady stream of blah blah blah?

Every single play in a ball game DOESN'T determine it so please stop acting as though it does.

For sure there are big plays, key plays, big moments and small, game-changing plays that influence the result.

But that isn't on EVERY play so please, take a breath. By all means, take two.

It's kind of a shame when the best commentary can be found at a piss-pull on Twitch or the viewer's enjoyment cause is better served by simply muting the call.

Fellas, ladies, take a breath. Breathe in, breathe out. It's amazing how much better the calls could be if every play wasn't the breathless be-all and end-all of the contest.

That all said, credit where credit is due too.

Andrew Gaze (left) is having a stellar year on the mike, unafraid to say what he thinks now and often with great wit and charisma. His anecdotes - which shouldn't be interrupted by wannabes seeking spotlights - also are gold. And, dare I say it? Even Corey Williams is having his moments.

For many of the others, a chill-pill is definitely in order.


Feb 22

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