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Poddering around: Kia, WNBL, NBL, it's all here

CANBERRA has taken over as our WNBL championship favourite, we're still tipping a Sydney-Perth NBL Final and what is up with the Asia Cup? Brad Rosen and I sink our teeth into this and more at our weekly podcast.

This is the two of us going at it, looking at how the NBL teams fared in that fateful final round and its upshot.

The teams which had to get certain results to go where they planned - into the post-season - all came through.

But, as we've said all season, if United works out its pathway to success goes through Chris Goulding, they return into championship contention.

They've realised it in recent times and voila, they stormed back into the Final Four.

Do teams use too many players in their rotations?

Bryce Cotton? Yes, we knew he would win the NBL MVP. But were there any surprises at the awards celebration?

Maybe Jason Cadee claiming Best Sixth Man but you'd hardly call that "controversial".

FIBA matches for the Boomers this week against New Zealand and Hong Kong? Those are controversial in my mind.

The women, the men, we have it all so go to Apple Podcasts, Spotify or just hit this link and you can hear us drivelling, er, DRIBBLING through the best in our week of basketball.

Feb 19

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