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Premier League launches in SA

BASKETBALL SA's Premier League is following the NBL trend with several teams importing point guards to run their teams as the season tips off tonight.

BSA's decision to again follow the NBL's lead by extending its import restriction to a further player has been a huge plus for several clubs labouring at the southern end oif the ladder.

Southern's chances of going back-to-back in the men have suffered a blow with key losses including Mitch Creek, Sam Johns, Alex Starling, Codey Ellison and Todd Davies from the Tigers' 2016 champion.

The recruitment of the Adelaide 36ers' NBL Rookie of the Year, Anthony Drmic, will help immensely, as has the acquisition of import forward Michael Nwelue.

Starling, who now has won titles with Woodville and Southern, jumped ship to North where the Rockets have assembled a contender under Nathan Hawkes.

Guard Aric Miller also is back to pace the Rockets  while Dee Oldham will run the show at West.

Guard Eian Davis brings back the name of South's most successful import, five-time Woollacott Medallist Mark Davis, hoping to reverse the Panthers' recent fortunes, while Ahmad Starks leads Norwood from the front for new coach Kevin Brooks. 

Norwood will play home games for the first time at the new $26 million Campbelltown Recreation Centre (formerly St Bernard's but unrecognisable as that venue now), leaving MARS barren.

The new venue is the cream of the Premier League crop, with Starplex now a distant second.

Woodville appointed club Hall of Famer Scott Whitmore head coach, even before he coached SA to the national Under-20 championship. In his return home though, he brought several of his young Lions with him, former Central players Daniel Carlin, Chris Clausen, Luke Frost and Myles Thiele, and assistant Matt Atkins now Warriors.

THE retirement of Norwood's championship playing-coach Jess Foley has brought major changes to the perennial favourites, not the least of which is 36ers assistant Darren Golley at the helm.

It seems sisters are "doing it for themselves" with the McKay sisters crossing from North to Norwood, the Nagy sisters from South to West, where they join the Zecevic sisters.

The Robinsons - Tara Dodman and Hannah Fisher - remain at Southern where the off-season recruitment of Teresa Kinross (South) and import Alexandra Green from Stanford sets the Tigers up to emulate their men last year.




All stats and predictions by BOTI NAGY. All team comments {Keys to success; Import details; Goals} supplied by relevant team’s coach.


0-21, 10th
Coach: David Banwell 
Imports: We’ve stayed with Alisha Carlin who is in her second year with us.
Roster: Casey Banwell (Gd-Fwd), Alisha Carlin (Fwd-Cen), Stephanie Gauci (Cen), Danielle Greaves (Fwd), Hannah Hank (Fwd-Cen), Georgia Madigan ((Gd), Abby Perry (Fwd), Jessica Puvogel (Gd), Erin Schrapel (Gd), Nisa Sexton (Fwd), Rhianna Stringer (Fwd).
Keys to success: We’ll have more structure this year and it will be less haphazard on the court.
Goals: To win as many games as we can. It’s been a while since we won some games and that is our goal.
Key Losses: Abigayle Mader (North), Demi Skinner (Southern)
BN Prediction: 10th

5-16, 8th
Coach: Nathon Jones  
Imports: No imports this season, though Alex Wilson will be a great “in” following a real break-out year in the WNBL. We are very excited to have such a quality athlete back. She will provide leadership and an example for our kids to learn from.
Roster: Brooke Basham (Gd), Charlotte Carter (Gd-Fwd), Rachael Hines (Fwd), Kedeisha Kartinyeri (Gd), Ashlyn Menz (Fwd-Cen), Shayelan Paech (Fwd), Heather Purdie (Gd-Fwd), Shayde Quintrell (Cen), Jaimi Rock (Gd), Caitlin Sampson (Fwd), Hayley Wadforth (Gd-fwd), Alex Wilson (Gd-Fwd).
Keys to success: We are very proud as a club and senior squad that this year will showcase the club’s junior development over many years, as all but one of the team has come through the Mavericks junior program. Even that one joined the program one year out of juniors and will be playing her third year of senior basketball with the Mavericks. There is a culture at the Mavericks that has allowed us to bring through our kids and keeping them together with so many competing sports after their time.
Goals: We like most, will be aiming for a top five minor round position, and then who knows what’s possible once in the finals?
Key Losses: Tracey Carrington (Europe), Tamara Weiss (last season’s captain, on a break).
BN Prediction: 8th

15-6, 5th, Lost KO Semi Final
Coach: Monica Bello  
Imports: Suzy Batkovic said she was playing. Haven't seen her though!
Roster: Kelsey Brett (Gd-Fwd), Samantha Defrancesco (Gd), Annastasia Falkenberg (Gd), Juliet Gordon (Gd-Fwd), Kate Harrison (Gd), Hannah Lehmann (Gd), Ruby Luders (Fwd), Meg Prosser (Fwd), Katia Stamatelopoulos (Gd), Olivia Thompson (Fwd), Jemma Westoff (Fwd).
Keys to success: Working towards improving individually and strengthening the bond between us. This will be our second year with young players who have a more clear and decisive role now that they have last year under their belt. They have a better understanding of how teammates operate. We have established a unique work ethic which constantly challenges players on and off the court. We do however need to see some taking leadership roles and responsibilities in difficult times.
Goals: Personally speaking we focus on defence, but realise we need goals to participate!! Jokes aside, our goals would entail consistency throughout the four quarters, sticking and executing to game plans, signs of improvement and growth as a unit. We're not so concerned with the outcome as much as the process to get there.
Key Losses: Sarah Petrie (pregnancy, which we have no idea how that happened!) is a massive loss as she demonstrated leadership, direction and support for the young girls. She was the epitome of a captain. Morgan Yaeger (Oregon Ducks, college) for her all round hustle and presence on both ends. Alex Duncan (netball) we will always have our door open for Al who is an exceptional person/player. We wish her all the best for this netball season.
BN Prediction: 6th

15-6, 4th, Lost Elimination Final
Coach: Brenton Johnston  
Imports: This will be our first import player. Norrisha Victrum played for Marshall University and made the 2016 William Jones Cup with the USA national team, and then played in Spain late 2016. Roster: Caitlin Arnold (Fwd-Cen), Ana Botei (Gd-fwd), Sophie Byrne (Gd), Tayla Corrigan (Cen), Bethany Dittmar (Fwd), Taylor Goggins (Fwd-Cen), Georgia Green (Gd-Fwd), Courtney Hansen (Gd-Fwd), Jo Hill (Fwd), Opal Mader (Fwd-Cen), Abigayle Mader (Gd-Fwd), Shannon Tarran (Cen), Lauren Thornett (Gd), Norrisha Victrum (Gd), Kirsty Williams (Gd-Fwd).
Keys to success: Work hard as a group, how deep we can go into the bench, staying mentally focused due to the short season.
How well we play team defence and understanding roles in offence. Keep improving the individuals to give them the opportunity to play at the level they want to play, whether it’s college, WNBL or being a solid player at Premier League.
Goals: Making finals is always the team goal, player management for the double-headers, is one of the coaching staff goals. Playing hard defence for four quarters of basketball
Key Losses: Sarah Elsworthy (Sturt), Shannon McKay and Kelsey McKay (Norwood). Losing two WNBL players is a big loss for any team.
BN Prediction: 3rd

18-3, 1st, Won Championship
Coach: Darren Golley  
Imports: No real imports, but we have Shannon and Kelsey McKay from North Adelaide. Both ladies have fit in really well and have already imparted their experience on the team. They set the bar very high and so are their expectations for themselves and the team.
Roster: Cara Annetts (Fwd), Khaleisha Barnett (Fwd), Chelsea Brook (Cen), Jessica Good (Fwd), Kelsey Ireland (Gd), Natalia Lalic (Gd), Abbie Martin (Gd-Fwd), Shannon McKay (Gd), Kelsey McKay (Gd), Lauren Spangler (Fwd), Marissa Stabile (Fwd-Cen), Renee Taylor (Gd), Kiersten Tindall (Gd).
Keys to success: Establishing our identity and team expectations early is a key factor for us this year. Also having our leaders playing at a high level, which then sets the bar for everyone else. We have some players who have been with the program for a number of years now and are ready to step up. Now’s their chance to show what they have been working towards.
Goals: As with all teams, it’s to win a championship, but for us we just have to focus on playing hard and winning every possession. If we focus on these things and build on them every week, then we will have a successful season 
Key Losses: Jess Foley (ret), Jess Mahony (ret), Steph Talbot (Poland).
BN Prediction: 2nd

2-19, 9th
Coach: Charles McCormick  
Imports: Te'onna Campbell is returning for her second year in this league having transferred from West Adelaide. She is a talented athlete and also a quality young person who has demonstrated the ability to encourage and lead others within our program. She is a known defender in this league and is working on further developing her offensive game to be the best that she can be.
Roster: Kathryn Aitken (Gd-Fwd), Shandel Benham (Fwd), Haley Bunce (Cen), Te’onna Campbell (Fwd), Madeline Cunningham (Gd), Danita Goodwin (Gd), Chelsea Green (Gd-Fwd), Alex Hogan (Fwd-cen), Eloise Jones (Fwd), Liz Petrie (Gd), Amy Ryan (Fwd-Cen), Joanna Schrader (Gd-Fwd), Phoebe Wittwer-Smith (Cen).
Keys to success: We seek to have quality people who wish to be in a positive program that aims to provide an environment in which athletes can enjoy the sport of basketball and strive for excellence in developing and improving their skills within our defence, offence and communication systems.  Our players understand about coming on time, being prepared and giving their all in order to play and compete in the Women’s Premier League.
Goals: Rebuilding is NOT a dirty word at South for 2017, as we know from where we’ve started with only two players left from last season and not having finished high on the ladder rung in 2016.  That said, we now have a full roster and each and every opportunity to play as winners (regardless of the score) is our challenge. We’re intent on being able to compete harder for longer and to work on the basic processes of the game in order to develop our program in which each player knows that they are doing their best to become the best that they are capable of becoming.  If at the end of the season, we can tick that box, then we will have attained our goal for this year.
Key Losses: Tara Blight (ret), Demi Bow (ACL), Tayla Corrigan (North), Claire Dunsmore (ret), Teresa Kinross (Southern), Ieva Nagy (West), Hajnal Nagy (West), Jess Nolan (ret), Bree Wedding (ret), Casey Harnett (ret), Ashley Eyles (ret).
BN Prediction: 9th

16-5, 2nd, lost Preliminary Final
Coach: Tracy York  
Imports: Alexandra Green
Roster: Caitlin Broadbent (Fwd), Danielle Brown (Gd), Ashlyn Davis (Gd), Tara Dodman (Cen), Denelle Fawcett (Gd), Hannah Fisher (Fwd), Jess Frost (Gd), Alexandra Green (Gd), Teresa Kinross (Fwd), Mollie McKendrick (Fwd-Cen), Madison Round (Gd), Demi Skinner (Fwd), Tayla Watson (Gd), Brittany Winter (Fwd).
Keys to success: -
Goals: -
Key Losses: Ta’Rea Cunningham (US)
BN Prediction: 1st

12-9, 6th
Coach: Marcus Wong  
Imports: -
Roster: Lauren Brennan (Gd-Fwd), Caroline Burgess (Gd), Sarah Elsworthy (Gd), Taylor Falting (Gd), Lauren Gibbons (Fwd), Kate Gladstone (Gd), Hannah Griffin (Fwd), Jordan Hunter (Gd), Erina Marafioti (Gd), Kayla Mathews (Gd), Soriah Moon (Fwd-Cen), Hannah Richards (Cen), Amy Shaw (Fwd), Hannah Stewart (Gd).
Keys to success: Generate everything from the defensive end - stick to the defensive rules and defend as a team. Spread the scoring offensively – play together and all players have an impact on the game in some way each week. Bring a consistent work rate and mental approach to every game.
Goals: To return to finals and be competitive week-in, week-out
Key Losses: Anne Hatchard (Football), Jade Johnson (US college), Nicola Matthews (US college) and Danni Angley (ACL)
BN Prediction: 7th

15-6, 3rd, Lost Grand Final
Coach: Tim Brenton  
Imports: The club’s biggest signing was Adelaide Lightning player Ieva Nagy and we are looking forward to watching her game develop on both ends of the floor. Our program hasn’t had a natural scorer like Ieva for a few years and we are excited by her commitment to our program and processes.
Brielle Ward (USA) is a hard-running tough defending centre who will provide us with ongoing size and toughness in the middle. This is her first year in the league and we know her best work will happen in the second half of the season.
Roster: Joanna Arnold (Fwd), Jasmin Fejo (Gd), Alice Gee (Gd), Bethany Heaft (Cen), Cameron Kennedy (Gd), Sky Langenbrinck (Gd), Michaela Lappin (Gd-Fwd), Evangeline Lovell (Gd), Hajnal Nagy (Fwd-Cen), Ieva Nagy (Gd-Fwd), Alana Nairn (Cen), Alex Pearce (Fwd), Amy Porter (Gd), Ashlea Vordermaier (Gd), Brielle Ward (Fwd-Cen), Molly Whitmore (Fwd), Stana Zecevic (Fwd-Cen) Jovanka Zecevic (Gd).
Keys to success: Connectedness on and off the court is imperative to our group experiencing solidarity to our program and club community.  We pride ourselves on getting the most out of our bodies and talent while being mindful to be kind to our minds as well. If we have five girls on the same page on the court at any one time on both ends of the court, we will leave each game knowing we gave ourselves an opportunity to feel and be successful. Playing with intent, intensity and toughness are the major keys to our success. 
Goals: As a basketball club, the Bearcats women’s program has worked closely with the Executive Committee to create a program that creates basketball pathways for our global sport. Whether that be college, Europe or the WNBL, we have a program of 18 girls from our Under 18, 23 and Reserves programs who are working toward playing and being successful at the next level. Every team is playing to win a championship but we don’t lose sight of our main goal to produce players to fulfil their basketball dreams. Building quality young women off the court is something our group has done an incredible job doing as well.
Key Losses: Tahlia Fejo (Perth Lynx), Trudy Holland (ret), Te’onna Campbell (South)
BN Prediction: 4th

7-14, 7th
Coach: Scott Herriman  
Imports: Ashley Claussen (Southern Oregon University), NAIA All American comes as advertised. A great point guard with scoring flare and solid on the defensive end.
Jennifer Monroe (Anderson University), SAC Conference Player of the Year. A great rebounder, runs the floor well and a great all round athlete.
We are excited about what these two bring to our program, great people and great players.
Roster: Julia Christou (Gd), Ashley Claussen (Gd), Karla Della Pietra (Fwd-Cen), Rachael Griffiths (Cen), Aimee Herriman (Gd), Jennifer Monroe (Fwd), Tiana O’Neill (Gd), Katherine Perkas (Fwd-Cen), Kym Porplycia (Gd), Emily Sims (Gd), Deanna Troia (Gd), Emily Venning (Gd), Jessica Von Einem (Cen), Alex Walker (Fwd), Stephanie Woortman (Gd-Fwd).
Keys to success: Finding ways to score. After last year we we're a top five defensive team for a vast majority of the season. We held a lot of teams to very beatable scores but couldn't put up the points to win. We have made changes to our offensive system, our success will come down how often we can put the ball in the hoop.
Goals: Get to 11 wins. History shows in 18-game seasons 11 wins makes the playoffs. We will take it a game at a time but we need to chalk up as many wins as possible in the first half of the year while teams are working each other out.
Key Losses: Tess Keenan (ret), Tavarsha Scott-Williams (FA)
BN Prediction: 5th


3-18, 9th
Coach: Bobby Cunningham  
Imports: Our imports this year really suit the way we want to play on both ends.
Ricardo Martin is an energy guy who we feel will provide us with the scoring and defence that we didn't get from that position last year. Ricardo can play three positions for us and he may just see time at all of them at some stage during the season.
Sai'Quon Stone is a guy who averaged nearly a triple-double with the Warrnambool Seahawks in Big V (Division 1) back in 2014. Sai'Quon is another guy that will see time at about three positions as well. We are hoping our imports’ versatility can be a big plus for our basketball team.
Roster: Jordan Centenera (Gd), Ngor Daniel (Gd), Kane Della-Pia (Gd-Fwd), David Earl (Fwd-Cen), Tyson Hoffmann (Gd-Fwd), Nelson Larkins (Gd), Monyjath Makoi (Fwd-Cen), Ricardo Martin (Gd-Fwd), Aciek Mayen (Fwd-Cen), Brodie Nathan (Gd), Koen Sapwell (Gd), Ramiah Simpson (Gd), Sai’Quon Stone (Gd-Fwd).
Keys to success: Our keys to success this year would have to start with "The Buy In". Everyone involved will have to want to be a part of this team on-and-off the court. We are trying to create a winning culture here which requires hard work and commitment. Working hard for your teammates will go a long way to creature the culture that is needed to be a successful team.
Goals: We believe the goal for every team that is in a comp or league is to make finals and our goals are no different. Playing the game the right way should help us reach that goal.
Key Losses: Daniel Carlin was definitely a key loss as a player of his calibre would leave a tremendous hole in anyone's team. It was sad for the Central Districts Lions Basketball club to see "Deisel" transfer clubs but I'm sure everyone here that watched Daniel grow up, wishes him all the very best.
BN Prediction: 9th

1-20, 10th
Coach: Jason Warhurst  
Imports: Michael Hundley is an athletic big man who plays both ends of the floor. He is in his first year out of Ashland University and will be learning from our more experienced guys. He will also provide valuable mentoring to the younger players in our team.
Roster: Rigby Aktanarowicz (Gd-Fwd), Lachlan Barker (Gd), Thomas Cioffi (Fwd), Michael Hundley (Fwd-Cen), Mitchell Kelton (Gd-Fwd), Daniel Lean (Gd), Zachary Lovell (Gd), Devon McGee (Fwd-Cen), Nicholas Sbroiavacca (Gd), Dylan Shorne (Gd-Fwd), Matthew Stock (Gd), Daniel Stock (Gd), Sebastian Vozzo (Gd).
Keys to success: Firstly, we need to embrace a team-first attitude to all aspects of our game. We must have a strong team defensive approach to restrict the opposition and we will need to work for each other on the offensive end to create good scoring opportunities for us. We have to remain focused on our rules and responsibilities for longer periods of the game.
Goals: We need to build good habits for longer periods within each game and then have the ability to back that up every week. Hopefully our team remains healthy throughout the year so the players can grow into their roles within the team.
Key Losses: Darcy Aistrope (to North), Haydn Barns (Interstate)
BN Prediction: 10th

14-7, 5th, Lost Elimination Final
Coach: Andrew Simons  
Imports: Jake Rios is back for his fifth season, Antonio Garrett debuts from College of Idaho, Caldwell.
Roster: Majok Deng (Cen), Antonio Garrett Fwd-Cen), Stef Wright (Fwd), Mawut Deng (Fwd), Michael Harris (Gd-Fwd), Cameron Bell (Gd), Jaylen Croxton (Gd), Ben Clarke (Fwd-Cen), Luke Philips (Cen), Isaac Jurecky (Fwd), Jake Rios (Gd), Brad Haydon (Fwd), Charles Newland (Cen), Trent Fildes (fwd), Michael Morphett (Gd), Oliver Megins (Gd).
Keys to success: -
Goals: -
Key Losses: Brad Gerlach (ret), Kyle Howe-Tipene (Shepparton, Big V), Adam Doyle (Bendigo, SEABL), Brett Schaumloffel, Cohen Creeper, Hunter Wren, Tyson Hoffman (Central District), Will Gleeson-Pongrac (US college).
BN Prediction: 6th

6-15, 7th
Coach: Nathan Hawkes  
Imports: Aric Miller and Alex Starling
Roster: Darcy Aistrope (Gd-Fwd), Jake Crammond (Fwd-Cen), Nathan Furse (Gd-Fwd), Josh Graetz (Cen), Raymond Harding (Gd-Fwd), Brad Jonnek (Gd-Fwd), Luke Mapunda (Gd-Fwd), Nicholas Marshall (Gd-Fwd), Aric Miller (Gd), Jordan Murphy (Gd), Scott Parry (Fwd-Cen), Gabriel Saldavia (Gd), Adam Schild (Fwd-Cen), Alex Starling (Fwd), Matthew Trandafil (Fwd), John Wernham (Fwd).
Keys to success: -
Goals: -
Key Losses: Tom Rowe (ret), Brett Collins (ret), Daniel Goodluck (WA), Luke Pike (WA).
BN Prediction: 1st

16-5, 2nd, Lost Preliminary Final
Coach: Kevin Brooks  
Imports: Ahmad Starks (Oregon State/Illinois) is a guard from Chicago who Jerome Randle recommended. Jerrell Sanders (Ferris State) is about a 198cm three-four. We think we’ve got a nice import combo.
Roster: Adrian Blom (Cen), Luke Burford (Gd-Fwd), Lachlan Cotton (Fwd), Jackson Frisby-Smith (Gd), Jordan Girardi (Cen), Matthew Long (Fwd), Matt Lycett (Gd-Fwd), Shaun Pontifex (Gd), Jerrell Sanders (Fwd-Cen), James Spurritt (Fwd-Cen), Ahmad Starks (Gd), Edward Steele (Gd), Andrew Webber (Gd), Daniel Webber (Gd-Fwd).
Keys to success: In the first six games, we have to discover our identity as a team. Matty Lycett is injured so right now it’s just discovering who we are, what we’re good at, what style we want to play. And we’ve got to find that in the first six weeks.
Goals: Short-term is to make the playoffs, which is the same for most teams. But you can’t win a championship without making the finals first, so that’s our first goal.
Key Losses: Jacob Holmes (ret), Josh Hubbard, Matt Lycett is injured right now.
BN Prediction: 2nd

5-16, 8th
Coach: Al Green  
Imports: Eian Davis is a guard from Albertus Magnus College, Afam Muojeke a forward from University of Wyoming
Roster: Adam Blight (Fwd-Cen), Shane Boal (Gd), Adam Brown (Gd), Kristian Ciabattoni (Gd), Eian Davis (Gd), Ryan Gardner (Gd), Patrick Jonczyk (Gd-Fwd), Stewart Lawson (Fwd-Cen), Tom McKenzie (Fwd-Cen), Tyler McPherson (Fwd-Cen), Elijah Minear-Kulpinski (Gd-Fwd), Afam Muojeke (Fwd), Cameron Myles (Gd), Jay O’Brien (Fwd), Ben Regester (Gd-Fwd), Matthew Wall (Gd).
Keys to success: Winning
Goals: To win more games than we did last year.
Key Losses: -
BN Prediction: 8th

20-1, 1st, Won Championship
Coach: Dean Nyberg  
Imports: Michael Nwelue is our new import. He's an athletic 3/4 man who played Division 2 college ball at Drury University. He provided many highlights for the fans in his first weekend with us at the River Roundball Rumble in Waikerie. 
Roster: Marco Bancevic (Fwd-Cen), Andrew Barton (Gd-Fwd), Craig Catford (Gd), Jordan Dodman (Fwd-Cen), Anthony Drmic (Gd-Fwd), Robert Linton (Gd), Michael Nwelue (Fwd), Joseph Paxinos (Gd-Fwd), Daniel Peacock (Fwd-Cen), Brett Pinder (Gd-Fwd), Timothy Smyth (Gd-Fwd), Hamish Staude (Gd), Reece Turner (Gd).
Keys to success: We are looking to bring a successful culture in across the board at our club. In the seniors, that means providing a pathway and being inclusive of our Youth League and Reserves players, who have had success in their own right over the past few years. How they cope with more responsibility in Premier League could determine the success of the group.
Goals: Our aim is to be competitive every week and give ourselves a chance at success at the pointy end of the season. With a revamped group we know there may be some teething problems along the way but we are confident we'll be in a position to challenge in August.
Key Losses: Mitch Creek (Summer League), Alex Starling (North), Sam Johns (Logan, QBL), Todd Davies (temporarily ret), Codey Ellison (SANFL)
BN Prediction: 3rd

15-6, 3rd, Lost Grand Final
Coach: Paul Rigoni  
Imports: We have no imports but Claybrin McMath returns from SEABL with Albury.
Roster: Mark Bauer (Gd), Hamish Burns (Gd), Max Calligeros (Fwd), Ben Carter (Fwd-Cen), Nikolas DeSantis (Gd), Tim Klaosen (Gd-Fwd), Cale Matthews (Gd), Claybrin McMath (Fwd), Daniel Nash (Gd), Joshua Owen-Thomas (Gd), Harry Reemst (Gd), Jacob Rigoni (Gd-Fwd), Jan Warbout (Fwd), Isaac White (Gd).
Keys to success: Become a tight group as we integrate Sturt juniors into the team.
Goals: To win a championship and ensure we are a hard-working team and always play for each other.
Key Losses: Daniel Johnson, Josiah Lee, James Spurritt
BN Prediction: 7th

2016: 11-10, 6th
Coach: Corey Maclean  
Imports: Dee Oldham comes highly recommended and is an athletic, dynamic scorer who can also lock people up defensively. He's extremely versatile and will play 1-4 for us depending on our lineups. He will give us tremendous flexibility on both ends of the floor.
Harold Ridgeway is a long, athletic forward/centre who will provide rebounding, rim protection and an inside presence. Harold is very good in the pick ‘n’ roll and can finish above the rim on rolls.
Roster: Tristan Braithwaite (Gd), Rhys Daddow (Fwd-Cen), Matt Fauser (Gd-Fwd), Lachlan Haufe (Gd-Fwd), Angus Kubank (Gd-Fwd), Darrius Oldham (Gd), Callan Prider (Gd), Paul Rankin (Fwd), Harold Ridgeway (Fwd-Cen), Anthony Spadavecchia (Gd), Mitchell Squire (Gd), Blake Truslove (Cen), Lucas Valk (gd), Jordan West (Cen), Todd Winter (Gd-Fwd).
Keys to success: Our first key is to learn our new system and style of play moving forward. Getting on the same page as a coaching staff and playing group has been a major focus of our preseason. Adding two imports, Jordan West (SOU College) and a few West juniors has given the group a fresh feel. We are really making a commitment to the defensive end as we really want to an elite defensive team in this league.
Goals: Our overarching goal for the season is cliche but very true - we want to be the best team our potential as a group allows us. The club didn't make the finals last year so that is a target. Overall as a club, we want to hang a banner in the rafters and get West its first championship since the 90s.
Key Losses: Joel Spear (SEABL)
BN Prediction: 5th

14-7, 4th, Lost KO Semi Final
Coach: Scott Whitmore  
Imports: Jason Luhnow, a 6-2 combo guard from Lewis & Clark, solid defender, above average 3-point shot, strong offensive rebounder. Currently has a stress fracture in his foot and expected to miss first 5-6 games, injured during preseason trial game. (Only playing with one import for 2017)
Roster: Daniel Carlin (Cen), Chris Clausen (Fwd), Ryan Francheschinis (Fwd), Jason Luhnow (Gd), Alex Maiorana (Fwd-Cen), Jack Maiorana (Fwd), Daniel McKee (Gd), Riley Meldrum (Gd), Adam Miller (Fwd), Darren Ng (Gd), Matthew Rehbein (Gd), Sean Richardson (Gd), Bradley Squire (Gd), Luke Stanbridge (Fwd-Cen), Myles Thiele (Gd), Will Twiss (Gd-Fwd).
Keys to success: The group buying into a new system and coaching staff relatively quickly, we need to shoot the ball well from the perimeter, club has always had a strong emphasis on the defensive end first, this will certainly continue to be the focus.
Goals: Be in every game with five minutes to go and make the playoffs, develop some junior players through the year and see each player grow as individuals.
Key Losses: Nelson Kirksey (Kilsyth SEABL)
BN Prediction: 4th

Tonight's Round 1 Draw, 6.30 & 8.15pm, women play first: West Adelaide at Eastern (Mt Barker), Central Districts at South Adelaide (Marion), Southern at Sturt (Pasadena), North Adelaide at Woodville (St Clair), Forestville at Norwood (ARC, Campbelltown).

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