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Roundtable Rascals talk Season 2021

PETER Hooley and I joined Matt McQuade and host Julian Daw on Cluch Radio for its NBL Season 21 preview and we did agree on a few things!

If you're wondering what we had to say, jump aboard at this link, or hit Spotify or Apple Podcasts for an in-depth look at what happens when the season tips off - hopefully, fingers crossed - on Friday.

Will Perth miss the Final Four for the first time in 35 seasons?

Will Bryce Cotton claim another league MVP award? (Maybe he's giving us a clue right there!)

Every team assessed and dissected. This is your "one-stop shop" for what NBL Season 2021 holds.

So crack a coldie, settle back and see how long it takes before you're aggravated!

Jan 11

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