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Take the worry out of Mother's Day

MOTHER'S Day is drawing ever-closer (9 days and counting) and I'm sure you want to find just the perfect gift for the woman who went through all that pain just so the world could enjoy you.

I'm so glad I could be here for you.

The ideal gift for that beautiful lady (unless you want to spoil yourself too, of course! And, you know, maybe a hundred, or so, of your close friends!).

My first novel, full of drama, pathos, comedy, fantasy, sex and even Tony Ronaldson!


Forget the flowers and the chocolates. Be bold and imaginative! Send away for for this masterpiece of contemporary storytelling now.

Buy two copies and not one free.

Don't delay. Order it within 24 hours and you get a full steak-knife set and dining settings for eight. OK, I may have made that last part up. But mothers don't want steak knives. They want to know you care.

You can order it now or better yet, right now, through or at or but, under NO circumstances, get a second-hand copy. That's just tacky. You're better than that. Your mother deserves better than that!

An eager team is waiting right now to process your order! Really. You would be keeping some very nice people in work.

Go on. Order now. You know you want to. It can be our little secret...

Apr 29

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