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US sweep of SA medals

SOUTHERN Tigers import CJ Turnage and Eastern's superstar Carmen Tyson-Thomas have won the most prestigious individual accolades in SA's Premier League, claiming the Woollacott and Halls Medals respectively.

Voted on after every Premier League regular season fixture by the match referees, Turnage became just the fourth Woollacott Medallist in the Tigers' storied history and their first in 29 years.

He followed Laurie Harcus in 1976 and Rick Hodges in 1977 when Southern was still Glenelg Tigers, before Willie Jennette claimed the top honour in 1990 when the Tigers were Noarlunga City.

Turnage, who was runner-up last year to North's Alex Starling, is the first Tigers' player to win the medal since the Noarlunga City Tigers merged with Adelaide Southern Suns to form Southern Tigers.

This time he was the winner by one vote, edging out Mt Gambier's Kentrell Barkley with 42 votes to 41.

Tyson-Thomas similarly became only Eastern's fourth Halls Medallist since the medal first was presented in the late 1950s as the women's Woollacott Medal, changing its name in 1964 to the Halls.

The exciting American small forward follows Cayla George (nee Francis) in 2008, Tess Madgen in 2010 and Alex Wilson in 2017 as a Halls Medallist at Eastern, making the club the most successful in the award over the past 11 years.

Amanda Frost, who has starred with Mt Gambier Pioneers, was second with 36 votes to Tyson-Thomas' 40.

Turnage and Tyson-Thomas additionally both led their respective leagues in scoring, Turnage with 28.3ppg and Tyson-Thomas with 27.6ppg.

While both players also made their respective All Star Fives, their successes differed from there, with Turnage claiming the Most Valuable Player award in the men but Tyson-Thomas surprisingly thwarted by Woodville's Teige Morrell in arguably the biggest upset of the women's awards.

Tom Daly (Mt Gambier Pioneers), Jack McVeigh (North Adelaide Rockets), Kentrell Barkley (Mt Gambier Pioneers), Turnage (pictured above) and Greg May (Forestville Eagles) comprised the men's All Star Five.

Tyson-Thomas (pictured below), Jasmin Fejo (West Adelaide Bearcats), Amanda Frost (Mt Gambier Pioneers), Pachiyaana Roberts (Mt Gambier Pioneers) and Teige Morrell (Woodville Warriors) formed the women's All Star quintet.

Fejo was the only Australian in the women's All Star Five and followed in the footsteps of her sister Tahlia, who in 2016 was named in the All Star Five and also won the Merv Harris Medal.

This year it was Jasmin Fejo's turn to complete that double, winning the Merv Harris Medal as the fairest and most brilliant player in the Premier League, under the age of 21.

Forestville's Michael Harris won the men's Frank Angove Medal as the fairest and most brilliant player in the Premier League under the age of 21.

Both the Merv Harris and Frank Angove Medals are named after two of the three original inductees into the Basketball SA Hall of Fame.



Halls Medal: Carmen Tyson-Thomas (Eastern Mavericks)

Merv Harris Medal: Jasmin Fejo (West Adelaide Bearcats) 

Most Valuable Player: Teige Morrell (Woodville Warriors)

All Star Five: Amanda Frost (Mt Gambier Pioneers), Jasmin Fejo (West Adelaide Bearcats), Carmen Tyson-Thomas (Eastern Mavericks), Pachiyaana Roberts (Mt Gambier Pioneers), Teige Morrell (Woodville Warriors)

Best Defensive Player: Tess Bruffey (Norwood Flames)

Coach of the Year: Matt Sutton (Mt Gambier Pioneers)

Phil Yuill Memorial Trophy, Referee of the Year: Nathan Wieland

Statistical award winners

Top Scorer: Carmen Tyson-Thomas (Eastern Mavericks) 27.6ppg 

Top Field Goal %: Ruby Porter (Sturt Sabres) 50.3

Top 3-Point %: Ruby Porter (Sturt Sabres) 40

Top Free Throw %: Brianti Saunders (South Adelaide Panthers) 86.8

Top Offensive Rebounder: Teige Morrell (Woodville Warriors) 5.7

Top Defensive Rebounder: Jazmen Boone (Central District Lions) 9.5

Top Rebounder: Jazmen Boone (Central District Lions) 12.4

Top Assists: Danielle Angley (Sturt Sabres) 5.3 

Top Steals: Jazmen Boone (Central District Lions) 3.1

Top Shot Blocker: Tess Bruffey (Norwood Flames) 3.8


Woollacott Medal: CJ Turnage (Southern Tigers)

Frank Angove Medal: Michael Harris (Forestville Eagles)

Most Valuable Player: CJ Turnage (Southern Tigers)

All Star Five: Tom Daly (Mt Gambier Pioneers), Jack McVeigh (North Adelaide Rockets), Kentrell Barkley (Mt Gambier Pioneers), CJ Turnage (Southern Tigers), Greg May (Forestville Eagles)

Best Defensive Player: Alex Starling (North Adelaide Rockets)

Coach of the Year: Richard Hill (Mt Gambier Pioneers)

Phil Yuill Memorial Trophy, Referee of the Year: Michael Aylen

Statistical award winners

Top Scorer: CJ Turnage (Southern Tigers) 28.3

Top Field Goal %: Matthew Long (Norwood Flames) 65.3

Top 3-Point %: Nikolas DeSantis (Sturt Sabres) 51.4

Top Free Throw %: Michael Harris (Forestville Eagles) 85.1

Top Offensive Rebounder: Kentrell Barkley (Mt Gambier Pioneers) 3.9

Top Defensive Rebounder: Kentrell Barkley (Mt Gambier Pioneers) 10.9

Top Rebounder: Kentrell Barkley (Mt Gambier Pioneers) 14.8

Top Assists: Kane de Wit (Forestville Eagles) 9.4

Top Steals: Jordan Riewer (Central District Lions) 3.0

Top Shot Blocker: Brandon Brine (Norwood Flames) 1.8


Central District Lions - Jazmen Boone 20; Eastern Mavericks - Carmen Tyson-Thomas 40; Forestville Eagles - Chelsea Roberts; Mt Gambier Pioneers - Amanda Frost 36; North Adelaide Rockets - Tayla Corrigan; Norwood Flames - Tess Bruffey 26; South Adelaide Panthers - Mollie McKendrick 19; Southern Tigers - Ta'Rea Cunnigan 22; Sturt Sabres - Kylee Smith 25; West Adelaide Bearcats - Jasmin Fejo 22; Woodville Warriors - Teige Morell 34.


Central District Lions - Jordan Riewer 20; Eastern Mavericks - Brandon Morris 32; Forestville Eagles - Majok Deng 30; Mt Gambier Pioneers - Kentrell Barkley 41; North Adelaide Rockets - Alex Starling 31; Norwood Flames - James Legan 22; Southern Tigers - CJ Turnage 42; South Adelaide Panthers - Zachary Allmon 26; *Sturt Sabres - ; West Adelaide Bearcats - Bryan Jefferson 26; *Woodville Warriors - . {*Waiting to be advised by BSA}


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