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We're back, breathing freely!

APOLOGIES friends and readers. I know the site has been inactive for just over a week, and thanks to those who’ve reached out, concerned for my wellbeing.

You know who you are, and it was much appreciated.

Truth is, I had a second novel in the works and the deadline snuck up on me faster than I realised, forcing me to drop everything to give it complete priority.

For those who care about such things, “One Hundred and Fifteen Days in Paradise” is with the publisher. (Yay!)

(I also am still concluding a delightful bout of the ’flu which was incredibly helpful and timely too. Thought it may have snotted up the project but my editor seems to like the finished product, so … phew.)

In the meantime, it was a pretty good week for basketball, some of which we’ll quickly revisit in the next few days before a couple of special features I’m keen to complete.

So no, I wasn’t off partying with my all-too-energetic niece Sara (below).

(She can be a bad influence though!!)

And I wasn’t just enjoying a break from basketball (below). Because, as Bruce McAvaney said at the previous Free Throw Foundation lunch, basketball people have it in their blood and it never goes away.

But yes, got a fair amount of catching up to do!

Again, my humblest apologies for missing a week’s worth of basketball for the first time since we launched Basketball On The Internet in 2012.

Won’t happen again!!

(And if it should, you know the deadline for my next manuscript caught up with me again!!)

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May 28

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