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What a gal - Movie review

MOVIE REVIEW: I don’t know what those comicbook nerds were thinking when they reacted with much teeth-gnashing, hand-wringing and Internet-trolling at the casting of Gal Gadot in the title role of Wonder Woman.

There was outcry because – yeah, you can track this down if you care to – her breasts were not deemed to be sufficiently, er, buxom, to portray the Amazon princess of DC’s comic universe.

(What? You expected a cerebral debate?)

Years ago, when there first were plans for DC to thrust a Justice League of America film on the unsuspecting, Megan Gale was touted as a fine prospect as Wonder Woman, a.k.a. Diana Prince. And yes, physically, you can certainly see it.

Wonder Woman is a goddess but let me tell you, many was the time while watching DC’s first half-decent movie in eons, that she certainly had me spellbound by her beauty and strength. OK, mostly her beauty. But her somewhat naïve strength-of-purpose also was refreshing and compelling.

Gadot is breath-taking and her acting chops get a fair work-out too alongside heavyweights such as Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen, who I’ve loved since her star turn as the long-suffering sister of Joachim Phoenix’s outrageous scene-stealing character in Gladiator.

Wright is as far removed from House of Cards as you could get on Paradise Island, where she trains the Amazon warriors, a young Diana eager to be among them.

When Chris Pine as American spy Steve Trevor crashes into Diana’s life and thrusts both her and the Amazons into the Great War, the film is rolling, her fish-out-of-water in London the closest DC has come to “fun” in any of its far-too-earnest recent film offerings.

Convinced Ares, the God of War, is behind the devastation being wrought across much of the world, Wonder Woman joins the fray and fans worldwide are loving it.

Truth is, DC has wavered from what has made many of its characters iconic comicbook figures. Superman in an alien version of his costume amid the destructive mayhem of "Man of Steel" a few years ago. (How did Clark Kent shave that beard of his, en route to becoming some tedious religious interpretation of the kid from Krypton?)

Then came the dross of "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Just Wince" last year where Bats was branding the worst of Gotham’s dregs.

Oh my, it was such earnest and serious crud. (Guys, go take a look at a Marvel Studios movie to see how it is done.)

So while fans are embracing Wonder Woman, truth is it is very good … for DC. 

It would be average for Marvel.

But it is such a welcome relief to have even a half-decent interpretation of a DC hero, it is easy to look past its flaws and loose ends. (Just what was that powder Doctor Poison was giving General Ludendorff?)

And DC does have one thing Marvel does not and that is a bona fide, stand-alone superheroine. Sure, Marvel has Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk etcetera. But none of them stand up the way Wonder Woman does.

And in Israeli model/actress/soldier Gal Gadot, DC has struck gold. If Robert Downey Jr is the perfect Iron Man and Chris Hemsworth the quintessential Thor, Gadot was born to be Wonder Woman.

Forget DC’s "Suicide Squad" and other constant movie misfires. Wonder Woman is worth your time. She's a helluva gal.

Jun 21

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