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WNBL Rankings, Tips10: Lowering the Boom

MELBOURNE tips off a huge WNBL round tonight, hosting crosstown arch rival Southside and desperately in need of a win as it tumbles down the ladder and our rankings, struggling to string together a full 40-minute performance. And in more bad news, Lauren Jackson was working her way back to her best last round. 

While Nyadiew Puoch starred in the Flyers' win in Adelaide, Jackson was a huge factor and alongside Mercedes Russell and/or Carley Ernst, will present the Boomers' smaller lineup large headaches.

Melbourne will celebrate the career of Aussie Opals legend Michele Timms during this one, but backing up against the in-form Flames in Sydney, this round presents a defining moment in the Boomers' season, especially if it is to have a post-season.

Perth has to face the Fire again in Townsville - who compiled this schedule? - and again without injured Aari McDonald, the Lynx will be brave, but eventually also beaten.

Their tougher contest will be at home against an Adelaide team which has twice given it cause for alarm and now also could put a severe dent in Perth's playoff aspirations.

Southside will hold off the gallant Capitals and while Bendigo-Townsville games meant a lot a few years ago when they were battling it out for championships, this time around the Spirit will simply be keen to build on last round's great win at Melbourne. 

Melbourne is limping along at present while Southside is rolling. Flyers to fly.
What’s different since last round? Fire at home to burn Perth again.
Thrashed by Southside, Adelaide will not stall Sydney’s run but must improve.
The Caps hit the wall in what should’ve been a Perth win. Southside will take this.
Season-series 1-1, Sydney-Melbourne matters big time and the Flames are too hot.
Bendigo will fancy its chances against Townsville but the Fire must start favourite.
An upset looms in Perth where Adelaide can sneak in. Back the Lynx, but hoo boy. 

This          Last
Week       Week   Club

  1               2        Townsville (9-3) Looking at 2-0 to further clear the chasing pack.
  2               4        Southside (7-4) Flyers finding their feet and should have a 2-0 feat.
  3               5        Sydney (7-5) Steadily finding its way and can shore up with 2-0 round.
  4               1        Perth (8-4) Doing OK but down McDonald need small fries to sizzle.
  5               6        Bendigo (4-7) Jumped Boomers and can ambush Townsville at home.
  6               3        Melbourne (7-5) Continuing to tumble and season on the line now.
  7               7        Canberra (2-9) Blew big chance in Perth and Flyers will be unforgiving.
  8               8        Adelaide (3-10) Too many losses now but still can be a Lynx spoiler.

Jan 3

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