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FLASHBACK 107: December 8, 2015

In: Flashbacks — Saturday, 30 Jun, 2018

THE Illawarra Hawks have signed former Townsville MVP and star import Jordair Jett for their 2018-19 NBL campaign and he had this to say in the wake of good friend Brian Conklin's sacking in 2015. 

Jun 30

FLASHBACK 106: October 22, 2013

In: Flashbacks — Saturday, 23 Jun, 2018

KEN Richardson – a name still conspicuous in its continued absence from Basketball Australia’s Hall of Fame – passed away on October 22, 2013. The next day, I wrote the obituary for one of Australian basketball’s and the NBL’s all-time greatest.

Jun 23

We're back, breathing freely!

In: NBL, WNBL, Boomers & Opals, NBA, SA, Flashbacks, Misc — Monday, 28 May, 2018

APOLOGIES friends and readers. I know the site has been inactive for just over a week, and thanks to those who’ve contacted me, concerned for my wellbeing.

May 28

On This Day: May 20, 2016

In: NBA, Flashbacks — Sunday, 20 May, 2018

TIME flies and ON THIS DAY, just two years ago, we celebrated the return home of South Australia's own NBA star, Joe Ingles, with a series of feature articles. It makes for an interesting revisit.

May 20

On This Day: May 13, 2013

In: Flashbacks — Sunday, 13 May, 2018

TODD Blanchfield has been in the news this week and so were Nick Kay and Mitch Norton before him - all former Townsville Crocodiles, the NBL club making a monumental announcement five years ago, On This Day.

May 13

FLASHBACK 105: Pics from all over

In: Flashbacks — Saturday, 21 Apr, 2018

*FLASHBACKS, my irregular "lucky dip" where I just reach into my drawers of old Australian basketball stuff and transcribe or post whatever I find for you.*

Apr 21

On This Day: April 16, 2015

In: NBA, Flashbacks — Monday, 16 Apr, 2018

THE NBA Playoffs tipped off yesterday with seven Aussies going into post-season action. But in 2015, this was the last day of the regular season and our own Matthew Dellavedova had a big one, On This Day.

Apr 16

On This Day: April 7, 2015

In: Flashbacks — Saturday, 7 Apr, 2018

THE Commonwealth Games are on in earnest, a fitting day to revisit April 7 of three years back when Australia's cross-Tasman rival New Zealand added Adelaide Lightning coach Chris Lucas to its Tall Ferns' coaching panel - On This Day.

Apr 7

United's greatest performance

In: NBL, Flashbacks — Wednesday, 14 Mar, 2018

MELBOURNE Tigers were gone, their last game of 2013-14 a 39-point belting in Game 3 of the NBL semi finals by Adelaide, but the new "Melbourne United" stepped up to the plate in no uncertain manner at Titanium Security Arena. 

Mar 14

On This Day: March 13, 2015

In: Flashbacks — Tuesday, 13 Mar, 2018

ON THIS DAY, a mere three years ago, fall-out crashed after current Sydney Kings coach Andrew Gaze publicly declared the NBL should "go into a hiatus," while right here at B.O.T.I., we pointed out a moment of Basketball Australia infamy. 

Mar 13

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