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Be prepared! Great news

In: NBL, WNBL, SA — Wednesday, 3 Apr, 2013

IT IS a great day for basketball in South Australia and, by extension, for the NBL and WNBL.

Apr 3

Cole's group ready to buy 36ers

In: NBL, SA — Monday, 18 Feb, 2013

BRETT Maher will be the next coach of the Adelaide 36ers and Phil Smyth its new chief executive officer if a bid by Ken Cole to buy the NBL club from its current SOS ownership succeeds.

Feb 18


In: SA, Misc — Tuesday, 18 Dec, 2012

FOR the many interstate and overseas folk who have asked, donations to assist Josh Bond and his family can be directed to

Dec 18

A community rallies

In: SA, Misc — Friday, 14 Dec, 2012

FINGERS are crossed - except for those hands clasped in prayer - Josh Bond will follow in the footsteps of Shauni Bow and Claire Kerr and make it back to fulfill his dreams.

Dec 14

Wisdom of the Ancients 1

In: NBL, SA, Misc — Tuesday, 4 Dec, 2012

WHAT an extraordinary few days for basketball that was in Adelaide this past weekend - think Pete's Bar Lunch, multiplied by 10.

Dec 4

Wisdom of the Ancients 2

In: NBL, WNBL, SA — Tuesday, 4 Dec, 2012

FROM Friday's magnificent lunch - and with a brief playing interlude as Lightning produced a magnificent display of selfless WNBL basketball to snuff Townsville - fast-forward to Saturday night. 

The Night They Drove Old Lindsay Down

In: Boomers & Opals, SA, Flashbacks — Saturday, 3 Nov, 2012

"BASKET CASES" is a basketball ebook I have been working on for several years and this is a random chapter - the story of the 1976 showdown between South Australia and Victoria's 10 Montreal Olympians.

Nov 3

The King should be in HoF Castle

In: NBL, Boomers & Opals, SA — Saturday, 15 Sep, 2012

I KNOW I'd met Ken Cole before 1970 but one of my first conscious recollections of him is sitting in the stands at Apollo Stadium with a stunning mini-skirted young Karin Maar at the Australian Championship.

Sep 15

Random dribbling - It's only preseason!

In: NBL, SA — Wednesday, 12 Sep, 2012

JUDGING by the response last night in Christchurch, if the Breakers want to schedule a regular season NBL game on South Island, the league would have no objections.

Sep 12

Random dribbling - Hallejulah!

In: NBL, WNBL, SA — Friday, 7 Sep, 2012

HALLEJULAH. Having long been an advocate we heavily should promote our sport's advantage in being for both sexes, the joint NBL/WNBL preseason announcement today could not come too soon.

Sep 7

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