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More good news brewing

In: NBL, WNBL, NBA — Tuesday, 14 Jul, 2015

MELBOURNE United have been busy little beavers in their quest to give rookie NBL head coach Dean Demopoulos a contender in his first year, Ronnie Brewer’s name now in the mix.

Jul 14

Who does the maths at the NBA?

In: NBA — Monday, 13 Jul, 2015

OK. I admit maths was never my strong suit in school but I reckon the person behind the NBA Summer League stats summaries did worse.

Jul 13

Join our champions for lunch

In: Boomers & Opals, NBA — Wednesday, 8 Jul, 2015

Jul 8

Harvey passes into immortality

In: NBA — Wednesday, 24 Jun, 2015

THERE’s nothing like a feisty “who’s better, MJ or LBJ?” argument to get the juices flowing but the only man in a real position to say died today, aged 93.

Jun 24

In a golden state once more

In: NBA — Sunday, 21 Jun, 2015

I can’t remember who asked the question. It might have been me. It may have been Grantley Bernard. Or Stephen Howell. Or maybe even Kevin Diggerson.

Jun 21

Hello Delly. Coming to a cinema near you!

In: NBA — Thursday, 18 Jun, 2015

YEAH, only in America but it does appear there are plans for a movie based loosely around the life and exploits of our one and only Matthew Dellavedova.

Jun 18

Bogey wins: Strength in Numbers

In: NBA — Wednesday, 17 Jun, 2015

STRENGTH in numbers - it was Golden State's motto and its credo as it brushed aside Cleveland 105-97 in today's Game 6 of the NBA Championship to claim the franchise's first title since 1975.

Jun 17

Bogey 3, Delly 2

In: NBA — Monday, 15 Jun, 2015

NOT even a 40-point, triple-double performance today by LeBron James could hold back the tide as the Golden State Warriors swept to a 104-91 Game 5 victory in the NBA Finals.

Jun 15

Bogey 2, Delly 2: The "F" word kicks in

In: NBA — Friday, 12 Jun, 2015

ANDRE Iguodala was the "X" Factor today as Golden State levelled the NBA Final with the Cavaliers at 2-2 with an emphatic 103-82 win at Quickens Loan Arena in Cleveland.

Jun 12

Delly 2, Bogey 1: Whatever it takes

In: NBA — Wednesday, 10 Jun, 2015

MATTHEW Dellavedova scored a playoff and NBA career high 20 points, set social media alight and was Batman to LeBron James' Superman as Cleveland today took a 2-1 lead over Golden State in the best-of-seven Final.

Jun 10

Bogey 1, Delly 0

In: NBA — Friday, 5 Jun, 2015

GOLDEN State Warriors took a 1-0 lead today over Cleveland, winning the opening match of the NBA Finals 108-100 in overtime, despite LeBron James scoring 44 points.

Jun 5

The King? Or the MVP? Who will reign?

In: NBA — Thursday, 4 Jun, 2015

IT tips off tomorrow - easily one of the most talked about NBA Championship Series in history for Australia's ardent followers of The Show - as Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers head into their best-of-seven Finals battle.

Jun 4

Phoenix Mercury? Meet Eastern Mavericks

In: WNBL, NBA — Wednesday, 3 Jun, 2015

FLEDGLING Adelaide Hills-based SA basketball club Eastern Mavericks can now boast not only two Halls Medallists but two WNBA signings for reigning champion Phoenix Mercury.

Jun 3

Hawks fly, Mercury rises

In: NBL, NBA — Tuesday, 2 Jun, 2015

MORE Aussies have rocked into Phoenix Mercury's WNBA franchise while it was formalised today that inaugural NBL club Wollongong would be back in business in 2015-16.

Jun 2

Basketball snippets and whippets

In: NBL, Boomers & Opals, NBA, SA, Misc — Friday, 29 May, 2015

WHAT a great week this has turned out to be for Australian basketball. And how badly did the NBL need that shot in the arm?

May 29

We have a Champion : NBA Finals Countdown

In: NBA — Thursday, 28 May, 2015

GOLDEN State's 104-90 close-out victory today over Houston in the NBA's Western Conference Final means Australia WILL, indeed, again have a Champion this year.

May 28

One for the Money : NBA Finals Countdown

In: NBA — Wednesday, 27 May, 2015

IT was a whitewash, a massacre, a party today in Cleveland as LeBron James led his Cavaliers back to the Promised Land and into the franchise's second NBA Championship Series and first since 2007.

May 27

Rockets 'Harden-up'

In: NBA — Tuesday, 26 May, 2015

JAMES Harden scored an NBA playoff career-high 45 points as Houston took Game 4 of its Western Conference Final against Golden State 128-115.

May 26

Two for The Show : NBA Finals Countdown

In: NBA — Monday, 25 May, 2015

WHAT a bunch of pathetic wimps - players and apologist TV callers alike - not to mention a lily-livered media too frightened to tell the straight forward truth for fear of missing out on "the story".


May 25

Three to get ready : NBA Finals Countdown

In: NBA — Sunday, 24 May, 2015

STEPH Curry was at his most outrageously brilliant today as Golden State deflated Houston's balloon 115-80 - the second largest road win in Conference Finals history - taking a 3-0 lead in their NBA Western Conference battle.

May 24

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