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Grecians earn another shot

In: NBA, Misc — Tuesday, 22 Apr, 2014

GREECE's two Euroleague clubs, winners of the past three championships, staved off elimination today, winning closely contested home games.

Apr 22

A book-end of Heat feats

In: NBA — Thursday, 17 Apr, 2014

IRONICALLY, the season closed the way it started, with Brett Brown’s Philadelphia 76ers beating the reigning dual-NBA champion Miami Heat.

Apr 17

36ers-Tigers aim to end 'curse'

In: NBL, Boomers & Opals, NBA — Wednesday, 26 Mar, 2014

IF the winner of the Adelaide 36ers-Melbourne Tigers NBL semi final series goes on to claim the Championship this season, they will break their own playoff curse.

Mar 26

Hype and highlights but no substance

In: NBA — Tuesday, 18 Feb, 2014

THERE wasn't a single blocked shot in yesterday's NBA All Star Game in New Orleans.

Feb 18

How often will headline writers use "Dante's Peak"?

In: NBL, Boomers & Opals, NBA — Wednesday, 29 Jan, 2014

NO huge surprise today that Dante Exum nominated for the NBA draft on June 26, three-time championship winner Luc Longley quick to support the 18-year-old’s decision.

Jan 29

Well, one dream, is over ...

In: Boomers & Opals, NBA — Friday, 24 Jan, 2014

SO much for the rose-colored glasses brigade who were so certain Kyrie Irving was entertaining the notion of playing for the Boomers at World Cup and/or Olympic competitions.

Jan 24

Opals culture and the White House

In: WNBL, Boomers & Opals, NBA — Tuesday, 14 Jan, 2014

BRENDAN Joyce could not be more enthusiastic about his latest camp in Canberra with his Aussie Opals.

Jan 14

Small balls...

In: WNBL, NBA — Wednesday, 8 Jan, 2014

PRETTY happy as a long-distance Cavs follower to see Luol Deng traded by the Bulls today for Andrew Bye-bye Bynum.

Jan 8

Flip the floppers

In: NBL, NBA — Friday, 3 Jan, 2014

NOBODY admires a flopper. Whether it is a Damon Lowery or a Lebron James, that decision to flop, exaggerate contact and con a foul call is rightly regarded as the very essence of cheating but also is just not very manly.

Jan 3

Gasol for Bynum? The Pau-wow is on

In: NBA — Thursday, 2 Jan, 2014

HERE’S a (strong) rumor sure to further unsettle LA Lakers fans but is claiming the iconic NBA franchise is engaged in “advanced trade talks” to exchange Pau Gasol with unwanted Cleveland Cavaliers centre Andrew Bynum.

Jan 2

Exum still hasn't hit Dante's peak

In: NBA — Friday, 20 Dec, 2013

OUR teen sensation Dante Exum apparently has told ESPN he is heading stateside to check out storied US college programs at North Carolina, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana and Oregon.

Dec 20

Brad BA's new 'shot doctor'

In: NBL, NBA, Misc — Tuesday, 3 Dec, 2013

BRAD Davidson was a hard-nosed, tough-as-teak nugget of a basketball player but also one of the most talented Mildura has ever turned out.

Dec 3

TGIF, let's wrap

In: NBL, WNBL, NBA — Friday, 29 Nov, 2013

TGIF and the national basketball action can get really rolling, with good and bad news up north today and some fun emails and tweets flying this way.

Nov 29

Dellavedova continuing his NBA growth

In: NBA — Thursday, 21 Nov, 2013

MATTHEW Dellavedova is continuing to do Australia and Maryborough proud while shocking the naysayers with his continued growth as an NBA player with Cleveland.

Nov 21

Tuesday welding various items

In: NBL, NBA, Misc — Tuesday, 19 Nov, 2013

CANNOT even convey how much I am looking forward to this weekend's round of NBL and WNBL but here's the thing - I can sit back and enjoy the action and the skills of the new or rejuvenated faces.

Nov 19

Blog Live at High Noon today

In: NBL, WNBL, NBA — Monday, 18 Nov, 2013

YES, it's on again today. News Corp has me blogging live from midday - High Noon in SA, 12:30 in most of the east, brunch in the west - if you want to engage in some basketball banter.

Nov 18

The Fall of Sanders

In: NBL, NBA — Friday, 15 Nov, 2013

JESSE Sanders deserved better.

Nov 15

Nate steps up to the plate

In: NBL, Boomers & Opals, NBA — Tuesday, 12 Nov, 2013

IT’S a small world, right? So Nate Tomlinson’s career-high 15 assists against Adelaide moves him alongside Brian Goorjian – and a couple of other notables – who previously have achieved the feat for Melbourne Tigers.

Nov 12

Rankings #5 ... and much less than usual

In: NBL, WNBL, NBA — Thursday, 7 Nov, 2013

THE battle to be recognised as Perth's main challenger for the NBL crown heats up at Adelaide Arena tomorrow night when the 36ers host in-form Melbourne.

Nov 7

NBL Winter Superleague. Why not?

In: NBL, Boomers & Opals, NBA — Monday, 4 Nov, 2013

HOW can the NBL get marquee names such as Andrew Bogut, Patrick Mills, Joe Ingles, Brad Newley, Nate Jawai and others playing in its competition? With a biennial Winter Superleague, that’s how.

Nov 4

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