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A year later, is it any better in SA?

In: SA — Sunday, 8 Sep, 2013

BASKETBALL SA needs to extract the digit and either make its 2014 State Basketball League something truly worth contesting, "pull the pin" and return to the SEABL or have its clubs "demerge".

Sep 8

Monday meanderings

In: NBL, SA, Misc — Monday, 2 Sep, 2013

COME on now. "Fans" cannot already be seriously dismissing the chances of NBL teams on the basis of half-baked, half-lineup preseason games or "exceptional recruiting."

Sep 2

Busy day Friday...

In: NBL, SA — Friday, 30 Aug, 2013

BUSY day today at the keyboard for my employer NewsLtd so bear with me blogofiles - tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Aug 30

Let's not get ahead of ourselves

In: NBL, Boomers & Opals, SA, Misc — Thursday, 29 Aug, 2013

ATTENDED my first Adelaide 36ers practice of the preseason today under the new regime of NBL championship-winning coach Joey Wright and came away impressed with the club's direction - up.

Aug 29

Mad Monday: NBL excitement growing

In: NBL, SA, Misc — Monday, 26 Aug, 2013

GARY Ervin is excited about the talent level in the 2013-14 NBL, whether we’re talking James Ennis or Stephen Dennis.

Aug 26


In: NBL, WNBL, SA — Sunday, 25 Aug, 2013

THE older I get, the more nostalgic I seem to become so today was a treat to see Julie Nykiel, Eddie Murtagh, Huba Nagy, Cass Pujals and Mike McKay once again.

Aug 25

Friday Wrap - It's been a good day

In: NBL, Boomers & Opals, NBA, SA, Misc — Friday, 9 Aug, 2013

THE NBL draw is out, the Opals suffer a blow, my brother gets his own line, and Ben Madgen shows again he is a special athlete and person – all in all, it was a pretty good day.

Aug 9

Tuesday Wrap - Quick on the draw

In: NBL, SA — Tuesday, 6 Aug, 2013

THE new NBL expects to reveal its finalised draw “within a few days” as it continues its behind-the-scenes revamping of its rejuvenated product.

Aug 6

Big Mac? Big support

In: NBL, NBA, SA, Misc — Tuesday, 30 Jul, 2013

McDONALDS today formally backing the Townsville Crocodiles as the NBL club’s naming rights sponsor is a bigger story than most sponsorship yarns as the climate of trepidation around the league shifts to anticipation instead.

Jul 30

Super squad on Road to Rio

In: NBL, WNBL, Boomers & Opals, NBA, SA — Wednesday, 24 Jul, 2013

WOULD love to see the 10-man Boomers team – OK, Basketball Australia is calling it a “squad” – announced today playing a game or two.

Jul 24

Joyce brings joy for 'oldies'

In: NBL, WNBL, Boomers & Opals, NBA, SA — Thursday, 18 Jul, 2013

THE best aspect of Brendan Joyce’s appointment as Opals coach is not the culture shift, enthusiasm, work ethic or his heart-on-the-sleeve, bleed green-and-gold approach – though, of course, that is mightily refreshing and upbeat.

Jul 18

Aussie ball bouncing back

In: NBL, Boomers & Opals, NBA, SA, Misc — Wednesday, 17 Jul, 2013

IT will be interesting to see FIBA’s next set of international rankings in the wake of Australia’s stellar performance at the World University Games in Kazan, Russia.

Jul 17

Going down the gurgler

In: SA — Wednesday, 10 Jul, 2013

WHAT is up with Adelaide Arena?

Jul 10

Random dribbling: Brave new world

In: NBL, Boomers & Opals, NBA, SA, Misc — Monday, 24 Jun, 2013

RATINGS for Friday's (Thursday night's) seventh game of the NBA Finals reached a level befitting the final game of a championship series.

Jun 24

Did you even know? I, II, III ...

In: NBL, WNBL, Boomers & Opals, SA — Thursday, 20 Jun, 2013

DID you know BJ Anthony is not the first (I) New Zealander to be signed by the Adelaide 36ers?

Jun 20

Salary anomaly for SEABL's 10s

In: NBL, SA — Friday, 14 Jun, 2013

THE biggest anomaly in SEABL imports automatically being rated as 10-point players under the NBL's Player Points System isn't reflected in the points but is blasted wide open by the salaries.

Jun 14

Foley in 'rare air'

In: WNBL, SA — Friday, 7 Jun, 2013

JESSICA Foley will be breathing rarified air when she becomes a doctor in four years' time.

Jun 7

Vale Tanya, Peter

In: NBL, SA, Misc — Wednesday, 15 May, 2013

IT IS entirely appropriate this is National Volunteer Week and Basketball Australia has jumped aboard, honoring the thousands who offer their time, skills and passion to help our great game prosper.

May 15

Pero's new Rocket

In: Boomers & Opals, SA — Friday, 10 May, 2013

STUCK for something to do in Adelaide tomorrow night, then head down to Port Adelaide Stadium and watch Anthony Petrie make his SBL debut with North.

May 10

Name the venue!

In: NBL, SA — Sunday, 7 Apr, 2013

LOOKS like "The Powerhouse" is the winner of my less-than-scientific poll of potential new names for the Scouts SA-SA Church Basketball Association's home of the 36ers and Lightning.

Apr 7

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